Sometimes a 800W power supply just isn't enough; sometimes a 1000W would be simply cutting it close, and sometimes one truly does need a 1200W power supply. By all means, it is indeed possible with today's hardware. Combined with rather deep pockets and need for sheer computing power, the need for a 1200W power supply is indeed possible. Today we are going to revisit the Tiger series of power supplies by Topower. A year ago, we looked at the Tiger 1200W's counterpart and smaller sibling, the Tiger 1000W- only at the time it was released under E- Power. For the sake of clarity: E- Power and Topower are names that are mostly interchangeable. The Topower Tiger 1200W variant is built upon the E- Power Tiger 1000W, only as one would imagine revamped ever so slightly to push that extra 200W.

Topower Tiger 1200W

In some way or another, all of us probably are in some way or another familiar with Topower. As one of the oldest players in the power supply market, Topower has a lot to bring to the table. Opening its doors in 1986, Topower has expanded its reach worldwide, including numerous branches across the United States. Under the larger umbrella of Topower, E-Power, Topower's North American arm, was founded in 1990 as a company with a sole focus: PC power supplies. Once a small provider of consumer grade power supplies, Topower has now expanded its product line to include server, workstation and industrial grade power supplies. Though immediately, Topower may not be the most recognizable name on the market, they have had a profound influence on the development of high-end performance power supplies including airflow, power supply connector design and the modular connection.

Topower Tiger 1200W

The Tiger 1200W is a six rail 12V power supply with can manage a maximum load of 1008W- plenty for all your hardware needs. All that we enjoyed on the 1000W model: the XLR connectors, the numerous cables, the finish and so on are here to stay as well.

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