AXUS Microsystems Inc. is a storage product manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. They've been in the industry for well over 10 years, providing top quality, reliable enterprise storage solutions. They are a subsidiary of ASUStek and focus on RAID Storage products. With that fact in mind, you can expect a product that is destined to be built of the highest quality.


Browsing through the product list on AXUS's website, it is quite clear that they primarily focus on enterprise solutions - most of us are not going to need a 24 bay SAS RAID device with a 4Gb Fibre connection. We can all dream that would be something to own, but the reality is you're probably looking for something smaller and more affordable. Enter the FiT Raid Series.


The FiT series is an economic RAID storage device that uses hardware RAID technology to provide high performance, superior reliability and large capacity to the end user. The FiT series comes in three difference flavours. The FiT 300 which we are reviewing today holds three drives while the FiT 400 holds four and the FiT 500 has space for five. Without getting into any more detail, let's take a look at the product and get this review going.

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