Manufacturer: Ultra

Just over two years ago Ultra came to us with their X3 series power supplies. In its day, the X3 was no doubt a significant power supply. It was an affordable, excellent performing unit and not to mention, it was one of the few which came with a life time warranty. Being a product by Ultra, the unit also came with plenty of excellent value added features like flexible cables, an excellent modular cable connection system, and the unit also looked sharp. Since, what was perhaps Ultras most noteworthy product release, they have been quiet. Not even a peep.

Ultra X4 850W Power Supply

In their hiatus, the world of power supplies has not stood idle. Power supplies today are better than they have ever been, and what was once repeatedly cautioned to buyers of power supplies that one should not under any circumstances purchase a cheaply priced power supply has undoubtedly proven false. This is of course not because the advice was not sound, but because of the influx of excellent units available.

Ultra X4 850W Power Supply

Surely, Ultra has their work set out for them. Today, we are going to look at Ultras brand new X4 power supply. The X4, successor of the X3 and similarly is centered on a single massive 12V rail.

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