To keep pace with our ever more hectic on-the go life style manufacturers of electronic equipment and computers have been racing to push out the next great portable gadget. Phones, digital audio players, and now netbooks have garners a considerable amount of significance in the way we conduct our day to day dealings. While unlike fancy cell phones, smart phones and digital audio players have progressed in features and functionalities over their predecessors, netbooks are quite different. Netbooks took laptops in quite a different direction by trimming out all but the necessaries. Better is no longer measured by gigahertz, megabytes or ability to compare with desktop systems but rather size, weight and battery life.

For as many conveniences as netbooks offer, they are a far shot from taking the place of either full sized notebooks or desktops. On a commute home or a long day away from the office, access to more capable systems is where netbooks shine, but for all else it is exceedingly difficult to ignore their short comings. For this glaring pitfall, Targus has a few suggestions.

Targus Netbook Accessory Kit

Today we are going to look Targus' Netbook Accessory Kit complete with a neoprene sleeve, retractable mini notebook mouse for those cramped wrists from typing on a miniaturized keyboard and a 4-port USB hub because there are far too many USB gadgets out there.

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