In January of 2009, Samsung ushered in a series of new TVs. One of the biggest and most anticipated releases by Samsung was the LED LCD HDTV, but let us not forget about the 1080p LCD HDTVs which we'll be looking at tonight. Not only coming in at a much lower cost, these new TVs couple energy efficiency with advanced picture quality. It's the best of both worlds.

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The Series 6 feature an improved Ultra Clear Panel to produce deeper and blacker tones and bolder colors. The 120Hz Auto Motion Plus is back to help eliminate motion blur and judder. Combined with a 4ms response time, this should be a fast TV suitable for all your entertainment needs. On the B640, some changes have been made to the USB hub which I'm very excited about - we can view photos, listen to music and finally watch movies! I'd almost love to say DVDs will soon be extinct with this new feature.

Without revealing too much more, let us start our review of the 46" B640; a model in between the entry-level Series 6 and top end.

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