Solid State Disks are the latest rage in the storage industry. Everyone is trying to out do each other and steal a piece of the market place. With only a few flash memory providers, the one with the largest stock and the lowest price is going to win. The question becomes, which provider is the best bang for your buck? Most of us can't afford the Intel X25-E SLC or the X25-M MLC for that matter. THis leaves us with a variety of JMicron controllers, Indilinx and Samsung. Today we have the Super Talent 128GB MasterDrive SX SSD built on a Samsung infrastructure.

super talent

The MasterDrive SX is built on the latest Samsung controller and makes no sacrifices by offering a blistering 220MB/s read speed and 200MB/s write speed. How does this compared with other controllers on the market? Let's find out!

super talent

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