There was a time not too long ago that cheap was a fairly damning way to describe a power supply. Cheap was synonymous with instability, system failure, poor components and if you were really lucky, a grand finally complete with smoke, lights and the oh so distinct smell of bunt electronics. Nowadays however more and more manufacturers are figuring out how to keep the price of their units at an absolute minimum while, keeping the magical smoke inside- Antec's Earthwatt series, Corsair's TX series just to name a few. Where however does the consumer turn for an affordable power supply that also heavier system loads? For a system built with the absolutely latest cutting edge hardware; a pair of nVidia GTX 295s, a tall stack of hard drives and so on, perhaps a power supply unit belonging in the range of a kilowatt would be a more appropriate choice.

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Over the past years, Tuniq has shared moderate popularity with larger manufacturers, most notably with the Tuniq Tower CPU cooler. Tuniq may be better known by their parent company: Sunbeam. Though not particularly well known, Tuniq has for a few years now been putting together cases, cooler, other accessories and of course power supplies. Accordingly the star of today's review is Tuniq's flagship power supply, the Tuniq Ripper 1000W.

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With an absolute abundance of great units available today, what does the Tuniq offer? Price. Manufacturers big and small have for the past few years been battling it out with one another with performance, features, market niches and absolutely anything else that could give them an edge. We've seen our fair share of new comers to the power supply game, and we've also seen our fair share of those who have walked away. Only recently has the dust begun to settle, and with those still standing reluctant to play their last price card, Tuniq enters with the Ripper series. With a quick scan of major online component retailers, it is plenty obvious that after by default after omitting the clearly too- good- to be- true units, the Tuniq Ripper is among one of the cheapest 1000W units out there today.

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