Solid State Drives, better known as SSDs, have become increasingly popular thanks to the likes of OCZ Technology. As a power house in the industry for all things DRAM related, OCZ has 8 models of SSDs available on their website each with two or three drive capacities. While SSDs have been commonly known for lower power consumption and heat, particularly important when it comes to flash memory for cameras or camcorders, SSDs used in notebooks and PCs today don't have the same concerns. An 800W power supply will power many hard drives and your one 4870X2 probably generates more heat than the combined number of SSDs you could afford.

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Solid State Drives are primarily purchased for one reason: speed. Hard drives haven't changed in technology for quite a number of years but the new SSDs have evolved from the first generation into lightning quick response times and high speed bandwidth. The first evolution of affordable SSDs were plagued. After a bit of use, they would eventually bog down your system to performance levels slower than your average SATA. The OCZ Vertex with the Indilinx Barefoot controller aims to resolve that and provide consistent performance regardless of whether or not your drive is brand new or well-aged like a fine wine.

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