If you haven't heard of ZOWIE GEAR, chances are you are not alone. So exactly who are they and what are they up to? If you take a trip to their website, they sum up what they are about rather well with this paragraph:

ZOWIE GEAR consists of experienced individuals that share the same objective --- develop high quality, efficient, and durable products all at affordable prices. All the products of ZOWIE GEAR are developed for people's ideal. It is through our development and critical production process that makes these dreams come true.

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While your typical free mousepad might work ok in the cubicle jungle, most gamers and graphic designers know the value of a quality mousepad. ZOWIE GEAR has come to Overclockers Online with the launch of their first product line, the RF series of mousepads. The RF series comes in 3 different sizes, starting from the smallest; the N-RF2, N-RF1 and the P-RF. Today I'll be trying out the largest of the models the P-RF and putting it through some grueling tests (hey, it's a tough job but someone has to do it).

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