The face of the MP3 box states the company name, the website address, and the product.


On the left side, the features and specifications are printed out. Here's is what they say:

  • High performance slick cloth weave
  • Mid-sized design for optimum versatility
  • Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces

  • Size: 355mm*265mm*4mm


And the backside, displaying the product name - the MP3. The container is very simple and to the point, so there isn't very much to say about it.


EVO-G adds a small written portion on the right side. This is what it says:

"From the sounds of the description and features, it should fall in line with the top cloth pads currently out.

The Evo-G MP3 mouse pad is made of high quality cloth material, providing a precise and consistent glide. This mouse pad features a special design with nonslip rubber base which prevents the pad from sliding, no matter what surface the mouse pad is placed on."


Sounds convincing, doesn't it? Let's have a closer look at the mouse pad.

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