The front of the MP2 box simply states the company name, and the fact that it's a mouse pad.


On the left side, the features and specifications are printed out. Here's is what they say:

  • High performance slick cloth weave
  • Mid-sized design for optimum versatility
  • Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces

  • Size: 355mm*265mm*4mm


And the backside, again simply stating the MP2.


EVO-G adds a small written portion on the right side. This is what it says:

Silky cloth surface provides a superior surface for both laser and optical mice. This pad offers superior feel and controls you would expect from a premium pad.

The Evo-G MP2 mouse pad is made of high quality cloth material providing a precise and consistent glide. This mouse pad features a special design with nonslip rubber base which prevents the pad from sliding, no matter what surface the mouse pad is placed on.


Let's have a close look at the mouse pad now.

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