Today, Samsung is one of the world's leaders in the field of electronics. Founded in 1938, they have built quite a reputation and earned the trust of their followers, especially in the realms of mobile phones, displays, audio players and household appliances. We have taken a look at quite a number of Samsung products in the past, but today we get a firsthand experience with the new SyncMaster 2463UW.

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The 2263UW, the 22 inch model, was reviewed only a few months ago, and the 2463UW is a bigger model, adding two extra inches of diagonal. In the display world, bigger always seems to be better, and a 24 inch monitor is one of the biggest you could get for a computer before diving into the TV realm. The 2263UW impressed the reviewer, but will the 2463UW be able to stand up to its little brother?

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