Over the last little bit, E-Power has made a few visits to Overclockers Online. We began this saga with the Thunder 650W, or the 3-in-1 power supply. While the Thunder 650W might not have been the ideal candidate for today's bleeding edge technology, it was a perfect match for users looking for a quality power supply at a very reasonable price point. Those however looking for something more beefy, perhaps for their brand new system complete with the best of the best parts, E-Power too had an answer: the Xscale series of power supplies. If the Thunder series was aimed at the lower end of the market, certainly the Xscale was shooting for the top. Today we are going to look at a unit which falls between, the Tiger 1000W power supply.

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Under the larger umbrella of Topower, E-Power, Topower's North American arm, was founded in 1990 as a company with a sole focus: PC power supplies. Once a small provider of consumer grade power supplies, Topower has now expanded its product line to include server, workstation and industrial grade power supplies.

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In terms of paper specifications, there is too much differentiating the Tiger 1000W from the Xscale 1000W. Both are 1000W units with six 12V rails with a total 12V output of 900W. The Tiger however, has a few perks on the features side of things: XLR type connectors, polished chrome and matching finished cables through out.

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