Not too long ago, E-Power showed up at our doors with the Thunder 650W power supply, and while we were impressed with what E-Power had to offer, especially at such a low price point, but sometimes 650W just does not cut it.

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Returning for another round is E-Power with their Xscale series. The Xscale series is rather... scaleable, coming in variants from 470W up to a jaw dropping 1200W. Today, we are going to look at the Xscale 1000W power supply.

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Under the larger umbrella of Topower, E-Power, Topower's North American arm, was founded in 1990 as a company with a sole focus: PC power supplies. Once a small provider of consumer grade power supplies, Topower has now expanded its product line to include server, workstation and industrial grade power supplies. With so much amounted experience, the Xscale 1000W should be very interesting!

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