Over the years, Lian Li has built up quite a reputation - understated elegance, quality, and always, very pricey. Founded over 20 years ago, Lian Li has amassed quite a bit of expertise in the area of chassis. For Lian Li however, that is not enough conquered ground.

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Ready to venture onto new ground, Lian Li has brought the new Maxima Force power supply to our labs. Claiming an 86% rated operational efficiency, Japanese capacitors, a double forward DC-DC centered design and quiet operation, Lian Li has put forth quite an ambitious effort to shake up the power supply market.

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The bar is set quite high, not only by the numerous excellent power supplies available (many that we have looked at), but weighing in Lian Li's track record with cases, and what they are claiming, anything less than stellar would be a disappointment.

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