When we think power supplies, E-Power isn't the first name to come to mind. While, chances are we have all heard of E-Power, to associate it with a particular product of sentiment is difficult. Still, E-Power is definitely not a newcomer.

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Under the larger umbrella of Topower, E-Power, Topower's North American arm, was founded in 1990 as a company with a sole focus: PC power supplies. Once a small provider of consumer grade power supplies, Topower has now expanded its product line to include server, workstation and industrial grade power supplies.

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Over the years, we have taken a look at quite a number of power supplies, many of which capable of powering some of the most power hungry system configurations possible, and then some. However, we are going to take a break from that, instead today we have a fairly modest unit on the tables: E-Power's Thunder 650W power supply.

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