We all love a well designed package that isn't bland, but also not overly flashy. At first glance, the Gladiator Max packaging seems to fall right into that bracket. The front side is rather simple, the image to the bottom left of the package gives a clue to what's inside, and if you missed that image, the package specifies the contents' purpose in nice bold letters to the right of the see-through window. The window features a teaser of the 120mm fan inside, OCZ's insignia is also located in the upper left corner.

Turning to the right side, going along with the clean informative theme, is a bold list of specifications - we'll delve into those later. Under the list of specifications is a very brief description of the CPU cooler along with the translation into five other languages.

The back of the package is essentially a mirror image of the front, but instead features a larger image of the heatsink.

And the final side lists the coolers compatibility, and also the fans specifications.

Once opened up, it's clear that OCZ really took precautions with their packaging. The first sight to greet you after opening it is loads of plastic peanuts. Under those is a custom Styrofoam block, encasing both the heatsink and fan. There's zero wiggle room in the packaging, ensuring that the 42 very fragile fins aren't going to be bent during shipping.

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