Without a doubt, Antec does not need an introduction. The presence of Antec in the computer hardware industry is almost inescapable. One could barely look anywhere in the computer industry without in some way bumping into one of their products, whether it is cases, cooling products, and well, of course power supplies.

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Here at Overclockers Online, we have had a chance to test drive almost each and every major series of power supply Antec offers, and to date, they have yet to disappoint. Today, on our test bed is the brand new Antec Signature series power supply. The Signature series combines the best of the best, and accordingly, it is Antec's new flagship line of power supplies. By combing high quality components, a radical new layout and design, the Signature series of power supplies have gained 80 PLUS Bronze certification, meaning a sustained 82% efficiency.

Antec has spared little when it comes to praise for their new Signature line, and you can bet on it that our expectations are set high today, so without further ado, let's take a closer look.

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