Last spring, SilverStone paid a visit to Overclockers Online with their Olympia series 1000W power supply, and my was it quite the unit. Substantial would be the word to describe it, in terms of price, performance, and well, size. While in performance, the Olympia 1000W stood very well against the other goliaths of the power supply market, its physical size was a restriction. Measuring in at 22cm long, the Olympia 1000W unwittingly isolated quite a fair portion of its potential consumer base.

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At the risk of inspiring images of cute critters throwing fire and lightning at each other while evading those tilted baseball cap wearing 'trainers', the Olympia 1000W has evolved into the Olympia 1000-E, or OP1000-E. 'E' for evolution that is.

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SilverStone produces a massive line of power supplies for a wide range of consumers; the silent folks, power users, industrial workstations, and redundant units. The Olympia series of power supplies is geared towards the industrial workstations, or in other words, designed to take quite the beating from both in terms of load and an operating in less than idea environments.

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SilverStone is by no means an old company, founded in 2003, they have planted themselves in quite firmly as a top quality provider of power supplies, enclosures, cooling and home multimedia center products. SilverStone prides itself in providing the highest level of quality in design and manufacturing. So, with that being said, the OP1000-E has quite a bit of weight on its shoulders and the bar has been set quite high.

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