Sapphire Technology is a brand easily recognized in the graphics card and mainboard industry. For over ten years we've known them as manufacturers of ATI video cards. With a production capacity of over 1.8 million units a month, it's obvious why they are a major manufacturer for tier 1 OEMs.


Today we get the opportunity to review Sapphire's Toxic HD 4850 video card. The HD 4850 is targeted towards NVIDIA's 9800GTX and after its initial response, there was a sudden drop in the MSRP of NVIDIA video cards. The HD 4850 with its $200 price bracket makes it an ideal budget card with ample punch. Sapphire Technology has upped the ante by adding the famous Zalman heatpipe fan to provide more efficient cooling than the stock ATI cooler. How well does this card really perform? You're just clicks away from finding out.

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