While DDR3 prices are starting to fall, there are still a great number of users out there not willing to take the plunge yet. Though DDR3 is the future, DDR2 isn't going away anytime soon with new performance kits still hitting the market.

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While G.Skill was established in 1989 by a group of enthusiasts, they have really made a name for themselves with enthusiasts here in North America in the last few years starting with their DDR kits. Today we welcome them for the first time to Overclockers Online.

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G.Skill has recently launched a new series of memory called the PI series and it is with a 4GB kit that we welcome them. The F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI is the 4GB DDR2-1100 variant of this series, with an 8GB kit also available. Read on to find out exactly what this kit brings to the table.

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