In some way or another, all of us probably are in some way or another familiar with Topower. As one of the oldest players in the power supply market, Topower has a lot to bring to the table. Opening its doors in 1986, Topower has expanded its reach world wide, including numerous branches across the United States. Though immediately, Topower may not be the most recognizable name on the market, they have had a profound influence on the development of high-end performance power supplies including airflow, power supply connector design and the modular connection.

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Topower has always stood by, like a loyal friend, or an angst-filled teen in the corner, take your pick. But unwittingly, while trembling fingers handled Topower built power supplies from more recognizable companies like OCZ, Tagan, or BFG, just to name a few, Topower has stood by. Topower is not entirely unknown though; every once and a while, receiving an appreciative nod of approval, Topower graces the stage.

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One can only assume, being a side act gets old quickly. Today we will be looking at a unit for Topower and by Topower, the PowerBird series. Featuring fully modularized cables, super efficient design, six 12V rails powered by two 12V transformers, and available in both 900W and 1100W configurations, it is safe to say that we have quite the power supply in our hands.

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