Storage space can be described in many ways. We can rationalize the thousands upon thousands of bytes in more manageable and understandable forms such as the number of songs, pictures, or videos a disk drive can hold. However, no matter how we numerically struggle to fathom the sheer amount of digital data that we can fit on a single hard disk, what we can logically pile away trumps sensibility. From megabytes, to gigabytes, and now, on the fringes of the terabytes, storage technology continually conquers new milestones with no end in sight.

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Thecus is a new name for us here at Overclockers Online, but not exactly new to the performance hardware scene. Thecus, founded in 2004, aims to bridge the gap between the digital home and networking with high quality, high performance products and innovation. Focused on hardware and software integration, Thecus aims to provide easy to use media storage solutions to allow even greater network connectivity in the home and office environment.

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In our hands today is Thecus' N5200 Pro, the latest and greatest offering from Thecus. Unlike most network attached storage drives (NAS) Thecus' N5200 Pro is not limited by its own data processing capabilities. At its core beats an Intel Celeron M processor and 512MB of internal memory. This unit also supports five internal hard drives in various RAID configurations from RAID 0 to RAID 6 along with RAID 1+0 and JBOD.

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