NZXT is a new face here at Overclockers Online, but has been around for a few years designing and producing cases and power supplies targeted at gamers and enthusiasts. This is very evident in their case designs: acrylic side panels, LED lit fans, and very aggressive outer styling.

Today, they present a mid-tower chassis, the Tempest. With a design that resembles the Antec 900, NZXT was aiming for a professional yet powerful style with full black steel casing and LED-lined front.

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A computer chassis is the first thing one sees when looking at a computer. It serves a very important purpose as the computer's structural exoskeleton. Computer cases should be built strong, tough, and user friendly. Nobody enjoys working with a case that is hard to work with; features such as motherboard trays and hard drive racks make life easier. The case also serves an important part in cooling because it determines the amount of fan mounts and airflow schematics in the case. NZXT has dubbed the Tempest (synonym for 'violent storm') the "Airflow King", with its total of six fans.

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