Samsung is one of the world's leaders in terms of delivering high quality electronics. Founded in 1938, and are today one of the most trusted name brands when it comes to mobile phones, TVs, audio players, and household appliances. Today, Overclockers Online gets to look at a new audio player from Samsung, the S5.

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About a year ago, Samsung introduced the first audio player equipped with speakers, the K5. The K5's review complimented Samsung's efforts as excellent in terms of quality. Even after returning the sample to Samsung, I purchased one myself because I've enjoyed it so much. The S5 will shed off some excess weight, making it slimmer and lighter. Again, the main selling point of the S5 is the built-in speakers. As speakers generally get smaller due to portability issues, sound quality is sacrificed; more specifically, the bass is almost completely eliminated. The K5's speakers did deliver some low frequency sounds which was surprising, but it was very faint. Hopefully, the S5 has improved upon it's predecessor's speaker units.

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