Since the very beginning, the field of computer electronics and personal computing has been dominated by a continuous cycle of change, this of course is nothing new. Following the widespread distribution of personal computers into the common household, its integration has been anything short of relentless, sweeping up those who welcomed it with open arms, while dragging those who unwillingly resisted along. Technology has always been the pervasive, predictable, yet sequential process of obsoleteness. But, this is, precisely the heart and soul of consumer electronics. While each fallen form factor, each shelved medium, and each irrelevant format will always hold some utilitarian value, technologically, they are of disuse. I am by no means suggesting that we return to the figurative dark ages, but I speak of this in an allegorical sense. Seldom are things left untouched by the far reaching effects of technology. While the limitations reached by hardware are continually lifted, it is the user integration of technology that often lags behind.

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Integration is an encompassing of quite a number of subjects, one of which being aesthetics. While for the most part, the market is at no shortage of wonderfully designed gadgetry, but where beauty seems to have shriveled is with printers.

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If you have not already guessed, today we will be looking at a printer from our friends at Samsung! It is odd to begin a review with a concluding statement, but there is no question, Samsung's glossy ML-1630 monochrome printer is a work of beauty.

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