Most of us have friends or family that asks for advice on building a computer and there is usually a stringent budget attached to this request. It comes as a shock to some of us that not everyone is looking to spend $200 or more on a discreet video card. Among the release of current high end cards like the Radeon 3870X2 are the lesser known entry level cards in the 3600 series. Here in lies cards that are packed with many features and can handle some gaming as well.

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PowerColor doesn't really need any introduction here at Overclockers Online, as over the years we have reviewed quite a few of their video cards. We once again have a visit from the fine folks at PowerColor with their Radeon HD 3650. PowerColor has several variations of their 3650, today I have the AX3650 512MD2 sporting 512MB of DDR2 memory. Read on to find out more about this surprising video card.

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