Let's start out by exploring the box Biostar's 9600GT comes in.

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Seems that just about every video card package comes complete with a rendered female adorning the front, and Biostar's 9600GT is no exception. The front of the box gives you your typical feature set including the various NVIDIA features, model and memory size. Notice also that this 9600GT is an eGate card and comes with Biostar's latest overclocking utility, VRangerII. The line you see along the left side of the box is actually a slice that came courtesy of customs officials, so I don't expect your product to receive the same treatment.

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The back of the box is also pretty standard for most video cards with a more in depth look at some of the features included in the card. On the right side is a check list of sorts for what you would need to run the 9600GT in SLi. The sides of the box do not include any information other than SKU, so I won't bore you with those details.

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Opening up the box there are 4 different compartments containing the card and various accessories.

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Included with Biostar's 9600GT is an instruction manual, HDTV component out breakout box, DVI to VGA adapter, molex to 6 pin PCI-Express power adapter and CD. On the CD are drivers and applications.

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