NVIDIA has had the performance crown in the high end market ever since they released their 8 series of video cards nearly 2 years ago. Often lost among all the hype of the high end cards are their little brothers in the middle of the pack. Our expectations were never really high for these mid level cards, but lately this has changed. Since the release of NVIDIA's 8800GT and ATi's 3870, you can get quite a bit of performance and features for very little. Following on the heels of the very successful 8800GT, NVIDIA has released the first card in the 9 series, the 9600GT.

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Today I have the pleasure of taking Biostar's 9600GT card for a spin around the testing block. With the release of the 9600GT, NVIDIA's model lineup seems to get even more confusing for the average user. Where does the 9600GT stand in line when looking at performance and price? Coming in at roughly $30 cheaper than the 8800GT at launch, is your money better spent on the older series? Read on and hopefully we can answer some of these questions.

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