As of lately, Tagan's BZ series of power supplies have been making quite a few waves. Tagan, in partnership with ABS Labs, or more commonly, a Newegg subsidiary have put together quite the monster of a power supply. For starters, Tagan's BZ series comes in nothing lower than 700W and all the way up to 1300W.

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Although this is Tagan's first appearance at Overclockers Online, they are by no means new to the power supply scene. Since the unlikely beginnings found at a Computex dinner party, their presence has grown far beyond simply power supplies to include high performance cases and drive enclosures.

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Tagan's BZ power supplies, or 'Below Zero' series are cooled by a single massive 13.5cm LED fan. Today we will be looking at Tagan's brand new BZ900, a unit that simply does not shy away boasting 900W of clean, solid, and efficient power.

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