Silverstone has long been a company known for their high quality full tower cases and elegant home theater PC cases. While their Temjin series of cases always garner a lot of attention for high quality and great cooling, they also make mid tower cases for those seeking something a little, more modest in size but with the same quality.

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It has been quite some time since I decided that a mid tower was not enough room and moved into a full tower case. While full tower cases offer more roomy interiors, they also are much larger on the outside and such not everyone has the room to accommodate such size in their office. Today I am taking a look at their latest in the Kublai series, the KL02B-W, aiming to offer high quality construction like the Temjin series without all of the high end features. The KL02B-W still offers a variety of unique features, read on to find out how well it all comes together.

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