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The word on "buzz street" as of late has been DDR3 and all the performance that it brings. Well, that is "buzz street" and today, we are reporting live from reality square where money doesn't grow on trees. In this wonderful land of reality, performance isn't something that can be discarded either. That is the joy of reality. Performance is still a requirement alongside budget and cost effective purchases. As we all know, DDR2 memory prices have dropped like the titanic in the North Atlantic this past year, but what does DDR2 still have to offer us computer enthusiasts aside from value?

In addition to enthusiasts, DDR2 still has a lot of things to offer all computer users. Everyday computer users are really going to want to stick around today because what we are looking at from OCZ Technology isn't just for the benchmarking, overclocking, teenager with too much disposable income. We are taking a good look at the biggest asset DDR2 memory still has to offer the computer public...size, lots of it at an amazing price. Not only can DDR2 offer gobs of system memory with staunch performance, but with the Platinum PC2-8000 2x2GB kit from OCZ, it can be had for pretty much pennies a glass.

OCZ Technology has long been a mainstay in the system memory industry and always at the top of the list for system builders everywhere. At one point OCZ was thought of as a hardware junkie's memory supplier but that couldn't be further from the truth these days. OCZ has a wide selection of memory options at every level and for every budget. They offer lifetime warranty on all of their performance memory and back it up with some of the best customer service and technical support in the business. Let's get started with a look at this 4GB kit of high performance Platinum memory that is priced extremely well for use in anyone's Windows Vista powered system.

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