I'll admit it, when I was asked to take a look at "some cable management products", I was not at all excited. Cable management products are a stark contrast from the types of toys we usually play with here at Overclockers Online!

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So who is Bluelounge and what exactly do they offer? Bluelounge was established as a multidisciplinary design studio by two designers, Dominic Symons and Melissa Sunjaya. This unique union of design and art has turned its spotlight to pursue elegant solutions for every day problems.

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Bluelounge's purpose, creed, and while origin is unknown, this famous quote which is often attributed to Einstein holds an incredible amount of truth. In humanities ever insatiable desire to learn we tend to over synthesize and over compound ideas, to the point where they become unrecognizable to the state in which they were conceived.

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Today we will be taking a look at the POP by Bluelounge which is aimed at tackling the age old problem of tangled ear bud cords.

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