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I can hear a whistle and it sounds like the DDR3 train is rolling in again. Today's train is carrying a brand new kit of memory sporting a fancy new heat sink from a relative unknown in the world of high-end enthusiast memory. Owned and operated by PDP Systems, Inc., Patriot Memory is a self sufficient memory manufacturer that has a huge big brother backing it up. PDP Systems is a massive worldwide manufacturer and supplier of memory products specializing in DRAM and Flash memory. PDP Systems also provides private label services and in a sense, that is what Patriot Memory is. Patriot is simply a subsidiary of PDP Systems setup to market the Signature Line, Extreme Performance, and Flash memory products to consumers.

Today of course, we are interested in only one particular segment of Patriot memory, the Extreme Performance line. Patriot Memory has been around for a while now but it wasn't that long ago that it was in its infancy as a brand and still coupled with the PDP Systems name. For this reason, Patriot isn't really the house hold name like an OCZ or Corsair in the enthusiast world. It appears that changing that perception is exactly what Patriot had in mind when they began to develop their first DDR3 offerings. Of course we have known about Patriot here at O2 for quite some time but now, they want everyone to take notice and have chosen the tried and tested method for doing so...innovation.

When the name Viper Fin is first mentioned it definitely doesn't sound like something you want to mess with and this immediately gives the new Patriot Viper Extreme an edgy feel. The modules get their name from the heat sinks they come with and it is obvious upon first glance why. This new design from Patriot is not only new in appearance but also in its genetic makeup. A new composite compound is used that no one else has implemented to date. On top of these new heat sinks, the Viper Extreme kit we are looking at today happens to be the fastest rated DDR3 memory available right now. Rated for operation at a blistering PC3-15000, these modules are definitely not designed for your sisters system. Let's get started with a close look at the modules and the package they come in.

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