The Chiller arrived in a nicely styled clamshell package.

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The packaging gives details of the Chiller as well as instructions for its use and maintenence.

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The clamshell package is very sturdy, which can become problematic upon opening. However, having a sharp blade will solve the problem.

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The Chiller itself is styled very simplistically, with a glossy plastic casing and a blue metal surface.

So how exactly does the Beverage Chiller cool drinks you say?

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By revealing the insides, we can see that there are only a few components.

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The Chiller utilizes what is called a peltier. The is the thermoelectric conversion of electricity to a temperature difference. In the simplest terms, the chiller takes electricity, makes one side of a ceramic plate hot while making the other cold simultaneously. The peltier is in direct contact with a heatsink on the hot side, and the metal plate on the cold side.

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A small fan is used to cool the heatsink to prevent overheating. Now that the Chiller has been inspected, let's take a look at the specifications.

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