CoolIT Systems, a new face on Overclockers Online, is a company dedicated to computer cooling products such as CPU and VGA coolers. What distinguishes CoolIT from the rest of the competition is the technology used in their coolers. Instead of the conventional water-cooled system where water absorbs heat from the CPU, which is then blown off in a radiator, CoolIT uses peltiers to chill water in order to enhance cooling.

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CoolIT now presents us with the USB Beverage Chiller. In today's market, there are many funky and interesting USB accessories such as cooling fans, light sources, as well as various toys made for amusement. By using the same peltier technology found in portable air conditioning units, the Beverage Chiller is designed to keep your drink cool over long periods of time instead of having to resort to ice cubes which can dilute drinks.

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