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Well look what we have here, a new year, a new site design for O2, and brand new technology that is so far ahead of the pack that the pack is just a group of riders out for a Sunday cruise on the hill-side. The calender on my desk now reads 2008 and everything I have dated this week has 07 scratched out filled in by 08. Why is it that the human memory has the inability to re-train information like that within a reasonable amount of time? Perhaps it is just my memory? Either way, we are not here to talk about memory...or are we?

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When discussing memory, the random access kind, there are a number of companies that resonate through the occupying air above the discussion. One of them is sure to be the US based memory manufacturing power house, Super Talent. This is especially true when the discussion is directed by computer enthusiasts, or the relatively fringe, overclockers. Super Talents foundation is located in San Jose California where their ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility is the single largest in North America amongst memory module manufacturers. The Super Talent brand, however, stretches world wide with sales offices in Latin America, Germany, Taiwan, and China to name a few. The Super Talent specialty is of course DRAM, and that is what we will be looking at today.

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We won't be looking at just any DRAM modules though, no, we will have the distinct pleasure of test driving some of the fastest rated DDR3 memory you can find today. Appropriately being marketed as "Fast and Furious", the Super Talent Project X PC3-14400 7-7-7 modules are some of the fastest certified DDR3 sticks on the planet. The distinctive black heatspreaders not only make this memory stand out from the crowd but provide an excellent cooling solution for DDR3 memory that is rated near the top of the voltage charts for stock frequencies. Super Talent impressed with their last visit to when we opened 2007 with a DDR2 offering. We can only hope the same holds true for 2008 with this incredible looking DDR3 kit.

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