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ATP Pink Petito - 11/30/07 - Comments (1)

The ATP ToughDrive mini's review showed excellence in speed and design. Will the Pink Petito live up to it's bigger brother?
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Tired of hearing that audible whine in your home theater PC? Zalman aims to eliminate the noise and maintain great cooling with the CNPS8700 LED.
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SilverStone TJ09 - 11/14/07 - Comments (0)

I'm looking for a big case that had room for at least six hard drives and plenty of cooling potential. The SilverStone TJ09 sits at the top of a rather short list. Have I found enclosure nirvana?


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Zalman CNPS8700 LED
Written By:   On 11/22/07 - 03:28:22 AM
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Earlier I had the opportunity to test out Zalman's latest in watercooling, the Reserator XT. Today I have in hand one of their latest CNPS heatsinks designed for home theater PC's and small form factor PC's: the CNPS8700 LED. Much like most of Zalman's cooling solutions, the CNPS8700 LED is aimed at optimal cooling with the least amount of noise. Read on to find out if this new cooler lives up to Zalman's reputation.

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