There is a fine line between passion and obsession. I use to think I was on the edge of that line still consuming enough floor space on the passion side of the room to not consider myself obsessed. This past Friday, that all changed when I received the newest member of the 3oh6 overclocking team. Not only did I cross that line into obsession but I crossed it in a full sprint and kept on running until sometime Monday afternoon when reality kicked in and I had to stop clocking this kit of memory and go back to real life stuff like eating, showering, and sleeping.

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The kit of memory I am referring to is from none other than the masters of the DDR2 universe and now, the DDR3 universe, Crucial; a division of Micron Technology, Inc.. Defending Castle Greyskull...I mean, defending the overclocking memory crown that Micron easily won in the battle for DDR2 supremacy is not something Micron or its retail subsidiary Crucial are taking lightly. With Micron DDR2 D9XXX ICs being the "must have" IC of 06/07, Micron has some big shoes to fill when it comes to DDR3 for 07/08. This is where Crucial comes into play providing todays review sample that is no doubt based on Micron ICs backed by the incredible customer service and support of Crucial.

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The Crucial Ballistix line of performance memory had been tearing it up in enthusiast forums all over the internet for a long time now. Back when DDR roamed the extreme overclocking realm, the Ballistix memory and their trademark yellow heat spreaders meant business. That held true through DDR2 and the yellow, now more of an orange, heatspreaders are back again ready to rock some DDR3 based modules. I have spent an un-healthy amount of time with these modules the past week or two and there is plenty to cover so the time to begin is now.

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