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I am not even going to attempt to find out where we are in the graphics processor cycle as it seems that new cards based on new chipsets come out every second month. In reality that gap is a bigger but for someone buried up to their neck in this industry, it doesn't seem like it. Biostar is one of the companies that seem to really be on the rise as far as graphics cards go. I have looked at many Biostar motherboards from their T-Series and video cards from the E-Gate line of graphics processors but we are seeing more and more talk regarding Biostar hardware from the enthusiast realm of the internet.

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The last E-Gate graphics processor we checked out from Biostar came with the revolutionary V-Ranger voltage adjustment tool. This was a big step in separating Biostar cards from the rest of the pack who all had similar cards. Biostar won overclockers appreciation with this very innovative step. The V-Ranger tool continues to live on in their 8600GTS 256MB video cards from the newest NVIDIA series of cards but today we will be looking at the 512MB DDR3 version of the 8600GTS. Unfortunately, it does not appear to have the hardware onboard to allow the V-Ranger software to flex its muscles.

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The Biostar 8600GTS 512MB DDR3 (V8603TS51) is obviously an 8600GTS chipset based card with 512MB of onboard DDR3 memory. The GPU core is clocked at 675MHz with memory clocking in at 1000MHz for an effect DDR2000 speed on a 128-bit memory BUS. As mentioned, Biostar also offers a 256MB version of this card with exactly the same specifications of core and memory clock speeds but without the extra 256MB of memory (VR8603TS21). The 8600GTS is a very powerful video card without a huge price tag so there should be plenty of interest for a wide audience looking for superior 3D performance on a reasonable budget, it should be fun.

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