Manufacturer: Apevia
Price: $155 at

Apevia has already made it's computer chassis debut on Overclockers Online with the X-QPack2. The next case we'll look at is the X-Telstar; a new full sized tower case Apevia brings to the table.

Apevia, formerly known as Aspire International, was established in 1999, so they are fairly new to the game. With a very impressive line of cases, and a handful of power supplies, we expect good things from this company.

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A computer chassis is the first thing one sees when looking at a computer. It serves a very important purpose as the computer's structural exoskeleton. Computer cases should be built strong, tough, and user friendly. Nobody enjoys working with a case that is hard to work with; features such as motherboard trays and hard drive racks make life easier. The X-Telstar appears to be a very top notch case when looking at the specifications, yet they mean nothing until it goes through the hands of a reviewer at Overclockers Online to see first hand how the cooling performance is, and if the quality of the case is indeed excellent.

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