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You probably still remember last week's GeForce2 Ti review quite well. We reviewed ProLink's GeForce2 Ti offering along with the GeForce2 Titanium GPU from nVidia. We also mentioned that the memory on the Prolink card runs 40MHz above specs by default. Because of this, the card had an obvious advantage over the avarage GeForce2 Ti based videocard. I believe this is quite understandable.

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Today, we're about to have a look at InnoVISION's ('InnoVISION Multimedia' in full or 'Inno3D' in short) Tornado GF2 Ti videocard. We were very eager to check this one out because the previous InnoVISION product we reviewed here at the O² labs had managed to impress us alot (I'm refering to the InnoVISION Geforce2 MX400 review). As the name of the card already states, the card is based upon the nVidia GF2 Ti GPU. The specs of this GPU and the differences between the Ti and the Pro/Ultra have all been explained in our Prolink GF2 Ti review we did last week, BUT to make it easy for you, we'll quote some words in this review as well. Isn't that nice? ;)

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The Prolink GF2 Ti review already proved that a videocard based on the Geforce2 Ti GPU is a good product at a low price. But we also mentioned that small differences like extras, gifts and stuff can convince one to buy a more expensive videocard over a slightly cheaper one. Can the Inno3D GeForce2 Ti impress us as much as their MX400 did a couple of months ago? What can we expect in the box? How does the card perform and stack up? And more important : How high can we overclock it? :)

Let's start with a quick look at the specifications ...

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