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Remember that old TV, or that car that is falling apart, but just refuses to give up? This is the kind of products CoolingWell believes in; products that last. CoolingWell was founded on the principles of honour, quality, and excellent service in order to form a lasting bond between customers.

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But, who exactly is CoolingWell? They certainly are not a familiar name, which is because they were only founded in 2006 with a brand new factory, machinery, equipment and headed by a superior management system. Despite their late enter into the enthusiast market, CoolingWell has established their product line to include a vast array of cooling devices, accessories, external enclosures, and power supplies.

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Today we will be taking a look at CoolingWell's Vortex V14 800W power supply which was designed power even the most demanding system while looking good and remaining silent. The Vortex series is equipped with a silent yet powerful 140mm LED fan, patterned sleeved wires and enclosed within a mirror finish chassis.

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