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Seasonic's S12 power supply has already been established as one of the quietest and most efficient units on the market, how will the new S12 II fair? Well letís find out!
XClio 188 Mid Tower
Written By:   On 04/28/07 - 12:46:30 AM
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XClio has already made it's debut on Overclockers Online with it's Stable Power series of PSU's, and they seem to have been built up to par with growing demand on the market. Along with the production of power supplies, XClio has also been a player in the computer chassis market for a while now. Today, XClio has given the chance to review the 188, one of many cases available from the XClio case product line.

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A computer chassis is the first thing one sees when looking at a computer. It serves a very important purpose as the computer's structural exoskeleton. Computer cases should be built strong, tough, and user friendly. Nobody enjoys working with a case
that is hard to work with, features such as motherboard trays and hard drive racks to make life easier. The 188 features a large 250mm fan on the side panel, which would presumably improve cooling performance significantly better than smaller fans.

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