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Samsung LN55A950 LCD TV
By: On: 11/27/08 - 03:35:29 AM
Samsung makes a huge return to Overclockers Online with their brand new 55" LCD TV. This behemoth will certainly rock your world with high definition clarity, color, contrast and picture.

OC Online
Samsung LN40A650 40inch LCD HDTV
By: On: 09/1/08 - 08:43:41 PM
The Samsung LN40A650 is the smallest of the 3 TVs in the A650 family. Its size doesn't mean it won't pack a heavy punch. Armed with half a dozen great features, it'll make sure you're glued in front of the tube for as long as possible.

OC Online
Samsung SP-R4212
By: On: 10/26/05 - 01:56:24 AM
If you just happen to have 42 inches of blank wall in your house dying to be filled, this 42" Plasma EDTV will certainly fill the void. Although it costs $2500, you'll become the envy of all your friends!

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