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OCZ 30GB Vertex (OCZSSD2-1VTX30G)
By: On: 06/9/09 - 01:12:38 AM
Solid State Drives promised to offer breath taking performance and near instantaneous response. The first readily affordable generation didn't quite live up to the expectation with rapid decay in performance. After much development we finally what the initial JMicron controller should have provided.

OC Online
G.Skill 64GB Falcon (FM-25S2S-64GBF1)
By: On: 05/28/09 - 01:58:52 AM
We've been seeing an influx in the number of SSD drives hitting the market but few have consistently provided steady performance over time. The introduction of the Indilinx controller and DRAM Cache sets high expectations on performance for the G.Skill Falcon.

OC Online
Thecus N3200Pro NAS
By: On: 05/26/09 - 04:07:58 AM
We have Thecus with us again today, and they have brought along yet another network attached storage drive: the N3200 Pro. This one, a bit smaller, a bit cheaper but it still packs in the same great features as its two larger counterparts.

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HighPoint RocketRAID 2680 and RocketRAID 4320 SAS/ SATA cards
By: On: 03/29/09 - 11:40:16 PM
When it comes to performance RAID, there is a lot that one must consider. Certainly the ambiguity around integrated RAID solutions versus hardware solutions doesn't do much to help the situation. Today we are going to have a shootout- two HighPoint RAID cards: the RocketRAID 2680 and 4320 along with Intel's ICH9R chipset.

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Patriot 64GB Xporter Magnum USB Flash Drive
By: On: 03/5/09 - 02:53:03 AM
Patriot Memory claims the Xporter Magnum is the perfect solution to transport your important data around. It offers 210X fast transfer rates and boasts a massive 64GB of storage. You won't be filling this up anytime soon.

OC Online
QNAP TS-209 Pro II
By: On: 02/24/09 - 02:56:50 AM
QNAP has made its presence felt in the industry with NAS solutions ranging in 1 drive up to 6 drives. Today, we have in our hands the 2 drive TS-209 Pro II. As small as it may be, it packs a very powerful punch.

OC Online
ATP EarthDrive 4GB USB Flash Drive
By: On: 02/15/09 - 07:18:49 PM
ATP presents the world's first recyclable USB flash drive, the aptly named EarthDrive. Built using a biodegradable polymer (PLA), the EarthDrive is different from other USB flash drives which may contain environmentally harmful substances. Read on for details about this unique product.

OC Online
OCZ Gold Series SDHC 8GB
By: On: 02/11/09 - 12:52:39 AM
OCZ may be better known for their memory products, but they are by far a favourite when it comes to flash memory. Ever since the original OCZ Flash Rally, I knew OCZ would continue and expand their lineup. Today, we have the OCZ Gold Series SDHC, a top performer in today's memory standards.

OC Online
Thecus N4100 Pro NAS
By: On: 01/4/09 - 05:45:02 AM
Feature filled network attached storage units tend to be out of the price range for most home users, but today we are looking at Thecus' brand new N4100 Pro. With the capacity to hold four drives, support of advanced networking features and a rather generous price tag, units like this may soon be common in the average household.

OC Online
By: On: 12/24/08 - 02:11:05 AM
Solid State Disks are the way of the future and G.Skill's Multi-Level Cell is one way of bringing them to your home faster. The 64GB MLC SSD enters the market as a more affordable but just as reliable and power efficient SSD to the high end SLC.

OC Online
QNAP TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS
By: On: 11/24/08 - 02:40:33 AM
Easy access to data files is crucial for a business to survive. While it's easy to just up a Windows shared folder, you're severely hampered in terms of performance, features and usability. When you need high speed data sharing with all the bells and whistles, the QNAP TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS will answer the call.

OC Online
Corsair Flash Voyagermini 8GB
By: On: 11/13/08 - 02:13:02 AM
The capacity for flash storage devices keeps increasing but physical sizes often stay the same. Corsair's Flash Voyagermini remedies this with a drive small enough to fit on your key chain.

OC Online
Patriot Memory 32GB Xporter XT
By: On: 10/19/08 - 06:57:38 PM
Much like our stock market, Flash memory prices have been on a freefall. Not too long ago a 2GB USB stick was considered large and expensive but now you can get 32GB for under 75 bucks! Today we look at such a drive - The Patriot Memory 32GB Xporter XT USB Flash Drive.

OC Online
n-Trance n-Tegrity Pro 1 GB
By: On: 08/6/08 - 01:44:25 AM
USB thumbdrives have become a common and familiar method of portable storage, making security of this data an increasing concern. The n-Tegrity Pro looks to solve those concerns and ease your mind.

OC Online
Super Talent Pico C 8GB Flash Drive
By: On: 07/31/08 - 11:00:20 PM
USB flash drives have been getting smaller and smaller while capacities have been increasing. Super Talent's Pico-C, one of the smallest flash drives in the world, features a capacity of 8GB in a tiny and sleek form factor.

OC Online
Thecus N5200 PRO NAS
By: On: 07/28/08 - 01:09:24 PM
Today we will be taking a look at Thecus' N5200 Pro, a network attached storage pumped up on steroids. Built off standard X86 hardware with a 1.5GHz Celeron processor and 512MB of internal memory, we are expecting some interesting things from this unit!

OC Online
Kingston DataTraveler BlackBox 2GB
By: On: 07/25/08 - 03:22:43 AM
USB flash drives are extremely convenient but most are not very secure in terms of protecting your data. Kingston's new DataTraveler BlackBox featuring government-approved AES 256-bit FIPS 140-2 encryption hopes to change that.

OC Online
Buffalo LinkStation EZ 500GB Network Storage
By: On: 06/17/08 - 03:07:27 AM
The next step up from external hard drives, network-attached storage devices combine functionality with convenience. Is Buffalo's entry-level LinkStation EZ up to the job? Read on to find out.

OC Online
OCZ 4GB Rally2 Turbo USB Flash Drive
By: On: 05/3/08 - 03:31:46 PM
OCZ is better known for cutting edge desktop memory, but they haven't let their presence slide in the flash media department. Their latest news has been with 2.5" solid state drives but this 4GB flash drive will rock your world too.

OC Online
Mitron Duplus DUP-35 HDD Selector
By: On: 04/15/08 - 07:29:10 PM
An HDD selector device would be very useful in some situations, and that's why Mitron has decided to give us their HDD selector to see what this device is all about.

OC Online
OCZ ATV Turbo (4GB)
By: On: 12/27/07 - 03:08:04 AM
Portable memory has become increasingly popular and chances are you've received one during the holidays sometime in the past. What makes OCZ's ATV Turbo so different from the rest is its low cost, high capacity and high performance.

OC Online
ATP Pink Petito
By: On: 11/30/07 - 01:34:02 AM
The ATP ToughDrive mini's review showed excellence in speed and design. Will the Pink Petito live up to it's bigger brother?

OC Online
ATP ToughDrive mini
By: On: 11/9/07 - 03:00:43 AM
Flash drives are the only way I carry data around. After losing my Rally 2, it was quite convenient that ATP came knocking looking for us to write a review. What better timing could I ask for and good thing I lost my Rally 2 because the ToughDrive mini is smoking fast.

OC Online
Kingston DataTraveler Secure Series
By: On: 07/29/07 - 12:43:41 PM
Kingston's DataTraveler Secure and DataTraveler Secure-Privacy Edition bring top notch hardware based security to USB flash drives without sacrificing performance.

OC Online
PQI U510 Card Drive 1GB
By: On: 06/24/07 - 11:01:59 PM
This isn't your average USB flash drive. PQI's new U510 from the Card Drive series delivers the same functionality except in an exciting and unique form factor.

OC Online
USB Geek USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit
By: On: 11/22/06 - 03:07:38 AM
Connecting hard drives is no longer a pain thanks to USB Geek. This universal kit allows you to easily connect all your IDE and SATA drives via USB!

OC Online
A-Data 2 GB Fingerprint Drive (FD1)
By: On: 07/30/06 - 04:47:57 AM
The A-Data Fingerprint USB drive may not be the fastest flash drive on the market, but for those looking for a more secure portable storage medium, this may the USB drive you have been looking for!

OC Online
Buffalo RUF2-S4G-BS USB Drive
By: On: 07/17/06 - 09:55:04 PM
Buffalo currently isn't a brand associated with performance computing, but is recognized as a solution provider for businesses globally. Today, that changes with the arrival of the RUF2-S4G-BS USB drive.

OC Online
Plextor PX-EH25L NAS
By: On: 06/21/06 - 12:11:36 PM
Network Attached Storage, also known as NAS devices, are all the rage this summer. Everyone has a home network now and these little boxes can do so much more than just store data... at least the Plextor PX-EH25L can.

By: On: 03/15/06 - 05:45:38 AM
Overclockers Online is off to a great start in '06 and so is We are happy to present yet another fine product from the 'one-stop-IT-shop'. A pair of hard drives will be put to the test on this PCI-E 1X SATA card.

OC Online
X-Micro DisGo
By: On: 12/9/05 - 02:07:44 PM
X-Micro is a new name for us, but the quest for large amounts of portable storage is not an unfamiliar road. The DisGo boasts up to 40GB of space, will it make you reconsider that Flash drive purchase?

OC Online
OCZ Rally Drives
By: On: 12/2/05 - 04:49:42 AM
OCZ enters a new market with a blazing fast drive that cuts no corners. No wonder why it sports the name Rally. Today we get a chance to feature two of the three Rally drives in a one on one showdown!

OC Online
Corsair Flash Media: 40X CF & 60X SD
By: On: 10/5/05 - 02:21:55 AM
Flash media has become increasingly popular with PPCs, digital cameras, MP3 players and almost all new laptops have built-in readers. Today, we feature two high capacity cards with a name you know!

OC Online
Samsung SpinPoint MP0804H
By: On: 08/9/05 - 01:02:44 AM
Many of us are familiar with Samsung's line of LCD products, a few of us know about their printers, but don't forget the fact that Samsung has a great line of Hard Drives to suit your needs. We check out this speedy little 2.5" Drive.

OC Online
SimpleTech SimpleShare
By: On: 08/2/05 - 10:48:01 PM
Hard drives seem to be expanding at an exponential rate. Where do we draw the line of having too much space in one machine? Well, if you've passed that line and need more, enter the SimpleShare NAS!

OC Online
Kingston 512MB DataTraveler
By: On: 07/1/05 - 04:33:47 AM
Kingston Technologies is better known for their memory solutions; however they do make some other very impressive products. In today's latest featuring, we present to you a simple but great USB storage solution.

OC Online
Corsair Flash Voyager
By: On: 02/3/05 - 05:50:49 AM
O² presents its first Corsair review. Instead of looking at high end memory modules, we'll be looking at a sweet little toy - Corsair Flash Voyager. This is another large memory on the go solution, but what makes this different from the rest?

OC Online
VisionTek Xtreme 2 Go Drive
By: On: 10/31/04 - 11:35:29 PM
By popular demand, Overclockers Online has stepped into more storage articles. Today I take a look at the VisionTek Xtreme 2 Go Drive, where would you like to go today?

OC Online
Ultra 4-in-1 USB Drive / MP3 Player
By: On: 10/5/04 - 08:58:24 PM
Occasionally, we present a new type of review at O². This will be our first USB Drive / MP3 Review and Ultra Products sends us a great one that'll make a booming entrance into the market.

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