leadimage Synology Disk Station DS210j We often read about NAS devices that cost several hundreds of dollars. Let’s face the fact; most of us can’t afford that. So where does this leave us? Let’s introduce the Synology DS210j, a crossover breed that brings power and performance without the high price tag. [Full Story]


TwinMOS Mobile Disk Q7 64GB USB Drive

*/ MSI P55-GD85 USB and SATA 3.0 Motherboard

*Unlike some other manufacturers, MSI has chosen to use the built in PLX chip, specifically for Marvel and NEC, to provide for SATA and USB 3.0 performance. The PLX PCI-e bridge chip is specifically designed to increase (multiply) bandwidth and effectively distribute that bandwidth across the PCI-e lanes when using the 3.0 functions. Other manufacturers have chosen to forgo the PLX, which forces USB and SATA 3.0 to occupy the graphics PCI-e lanes causing a bottleneck and decreasing graphics performance.

Roccat Arvo Gaming Keyboard

One accessory that is overlooked alot of times is the keyboard when it comes to gaming. Roccat sent us their new Compact Gaming Keyboard named Arvo. This is a extremely compact keyboard for gamers that might not have the space to keep a full size keyboard or they prefer to have alot of macro buttons. It also has a steel plate built into it so if you are an angry gamer…. I think you get the idea!

ASUS G73JH Gamer notebook

This year Asus has presented at the CES the brand new Asus G73JH gamer notebook with a Core i7 processor, 8 GB DDR-3 Ram and a Radeon HD5870 videocard. Few days later we have found a lower version of the G73JH, the G73JH TY033V with a Core i5 430 and 4 GB DDR-3 Ram. Also included the mobile HD5870. This week we have take a look at the performance and quality of the components.

Gunnar Optiks Wi-FIVE Digital Performance Eyewear

People are spending an ever-increasing amount of time in front of computer screens as our lives become more intertwined with technology. T his increase correlates to an increase in health hazards from repetitive motion injuries, neck and back problems, and eye strain. Gunnar has recog nized this and has put together a diverse product line dedicated to mitig ating the strain we are putting on our eyes with some of their special le ns and optic technologies. They sent us over a sample pair of their Wi-FI VE digital performance eyewear from their Catalyst collection to see how effective we felt they were. For $99, if they work as advertised, they sh ould be well worth the investment…

Kingston SSDNow V+ 128GB (SNVP325-S2/128GB)

SNIP: When Kingston announced its line of SSDNow V+ drives in October of 2009 we waited with baited breath to get our hands on the series. Now Kingston has refreshed the lineup with the SSDNow V and V+ series. Resigned with a Toshiba controller and Toshiba Nand Flash the drive we are looking at today boasts a 230MB/s read and a 180MB/s write speed. Previous versions had a Samsung controller and the new Toshiba controller and Nand MLC flash is expected to be faster and supports Trim out of the box in Windows 7.

G-Force HD Movie

The dawn of the CG age has enabled us to see some miraculous sights. Dead public figures brought back to life, sprawling alien vistas, and this crime fighting Guinea pigs. Within moments of the start of the film, the audience is asked to believe the central premise of G-Force that technology has been developed which allows guinea pigs to be able to speak perfect English. Once an audience has accepted this, for the purpose of entertainment they rightly will believe anything. So its not a terrible stretch to believe that they can fight crime, drive, dance etc. All of which, rest assured, occur in its scant 80 minutes run time.

Toshiba HG2 43nm 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

UNITEK 2 Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Card @

Quote: Today for review Ive got the Unitek 2 Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Card supplied by BrandoUSB. I took a look at one last week, it was a no-name or generic card and the speeds were decent, or at least they seemed that way a s I didnt have anything to compare it to. In this review today Ill be comparing that no-name brand to the Unitek one I have today to see if theres any difference between a name brand card and a generic one.

G.Skill ECO DDR3-1600 (PC3 12800) Memory at Modders-Inc

Everyone is talking about Triple Channel DDR3 as of lately but what about Dual Channel? Those of you that have taken the plunge into the new P55 platform know what I am talking about. Today we will be looking at a set of Dual Channel Memory Modules form G.Skill, the overclockers friend Articles URL: http://www.modders-inc.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=314