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Biostar TPower I45
By: On: 08/11/08 - 11:53:16 AM
Biostar has a history of offering a lot of performance and features for a great price, and they continue today with the TPower I45. Read on to see if this latest if the I45 is right for you.

OC Online
Biostar TPower N750
By: On: 05/28/08 - 02:30:22 AM
Biostar is back today with their new TPower series with the latest SLI chipset for AMD processors. The TPower N750 brings loads of features and SLI at a great price.

OC Online
Biostar TF7150U-M7
By: On: 05/18/08 - 07:50:08 PM
Biostar's T-Series has always had an emphasis on performance and value. The TF7150U-M7 hopes to increase value by integrating the MCP73/GeForce 7150 chip from NVIDIA. How does it perform? Read on to find out.

OC Online
Biostar T-Force TP35D3-A7 Dlx
By: On: 09/3/07 - 02:07:19 AM
The bell tolls for DDR2 because DDR3 is here, it is powerful, and even in its infancy it is equal to if not already superior to DDR2. The Biostar TP35D3-A7 Deluxe is quick out of the blocks with DDR3 support and a great value to boot.

OC Online
Biostar TA690G
By: On: 05/22/07 - 02:09:29 AM
Lately, CPU and RAM prices have drop dramatically and this opens the doors for those who want to put together a powerful but cheap workstation or multimedia machine. Biostar can help keep a few more dollars in your wallet with the TA690G.

OC Online
Foxconn G9657MA-8KS2H
By: On: 12/11/06 - 09:58:26 PM
Foxconn continues to produce motherboards for the retail market and with the success of the Intel C2D, it is no surprise to see many Foxconn boards to utilize this technology. Today we take a peak at a m-ATX offering from Foxconn.

OC Online
Albatron KI51PV-754
By: On: 11/13/06 - 04:25:45 AM
Albatron has been featured here in this space nearly a dozen times, but rarely do we get to sample a sample with so much power bundled into such a small amount of space.

OC Online
By: On: 10/24/06 - 05:01:38 AM
We've had our look at a couple of Core 2 ready Foxconn boards. Today we get to branch out and check out an affordable solution from ECS.

OC Online
Foxconn 975X7AB - 8EKRS2H
By: On: 10/18/06 - 01:15:04 AM
You have seen the Foxconn 975X7AA here at O2 and now its successor, the Core 2 Duo compatible Foxconn 975X7AB - 8EKRS2H makes an appearance here. I will be your tour guide today so without further adeu...

OC Online
Foxconn P9657AA-8KS2H
By: On: 08/28/06 - 11:32:33 PM
Ushering in support for the Core architecture are Intel's P965 and 975X chipsets. We test Foxconn's mainstream P965 offering and compare it to its predecessors.

OC Online
Biostar TForce 570 U Deluxe
By: On: 08/25/06 - 10:23:33 AM
The motherboards are plentiful out in the wild now so the motherboard reviews are starting to pile up for AMDs newest socket, AM2. Let's see what else Biostar has to offer to the AM2 line-up.

OC Online
Foxconn C51XEM2AA 8EKRS2H
By: On: 07/24/06 - 12:31:26 PM
The arrival of AMDs Socket AM2 is here and as of this morning the CPU prices are now more affordable than ever. If you are building a new system don't skip AM2, and have a look at this Foxconn motherboard.

OC Online
EPoX EP-9U1697 GLI
By: On: 06/24/06 - 02:32:13 PM
EPoX has challenged the high-priced competition with it's implementation of ULi's answer to NVIDIA's nForce4 chipset: the M1697 chipset. Can this low-priced alternative perform like the big boys? Read on to find out...

OC Online
Foxconn 975X7AA
By: On: 06/13/06 - 01:37:42 AM
Foxconn is becoming a large power house in the motherboard industry for those outside the OEM market. Enthusiast like us are making Foxconn a house hold name and for good reason.

OC Online
By: On: 05/29/06 - 01:42:30 AM
ECS has grown into a reputable powerhouse in the enthusiast market. They continue to stress the need for a low cost yet highly powerful motherboard and the C19-A is exactly that.

OC Online
DFI RS482 Infinity
By: On: 04/20/06 - 03:44:16 AM
As an overclocker, finding a mATX board that'll suit my needs is not an easy task. However, DFI has now made our lives easier with this stellar board that rocks both the multimedia and enthusiast scene.

OC Online
By: On: 02/10/06 - 02:05:11 AM
CrossFire video cards are here as with CrossFire motherboards and ECS has a very nice looking one ready for users. The KA1 MVP comes loaded with features and the all important ATI Radeon Xpress 200 CrossFire chipset.

OC Online
Foxconn NF4SLI7AA-8EKRS2
By: On: 01/13/06 - 07:42:08 PM
It wasn't until recently that nVidia made chipsets for the Intel platform. Today we get our first look at a motherboard from Foxconn based on the nForce4 Intel Edition chipset. What a difference...

OC Online
By: On: 01/4/06 - 01:05:09 AM
ECS has become a rather popular name with the SLI solution they offer that is both affordable and overclockable. Today, we look at a different board, one designed for office and HTPC use. Check out our first ATI Xpress 200 review!

OC Online
By: On: 12/20/05 - 03:54:05 PM
When Intel introduced the dual-core Pentium 4 they also introduced new chipsets to accompany them. Today we look at a full-featured board from EPoX utilizing Intel's 945P chipset.

OC Online
DFI Infinity NF4 Ultra
By: On: 11/28/05 - 01:39:09 AM
When you hear the name DFI, the first thing that comes to mind is LanParty and overclocking. Today we will see if the name Infinity can also be associated with overclocking while saving a few dollars too.

OC Online
Foxconn WinFast 6150K8MA - 8EKRS
By: On: 10/21/05 - 12:08:01 AM
With the recent the anouncement of the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 GPU / nForce 430 MCP chipset Foxconn was quick to announce its version of this on-board graphics solution with the 6150K8MA-8EKRS and we look at it today.

OC Online
Foxconn NF4SK8AA 8EKRS
By: On: 08/23/05 - 01:58:45 AM
OEM motherboard manufacturers usually have a hard time trying to break into the retail market. Foxconn is such a manufacturer and are hoping the feature rich NF4SK8AA-8EKRS breaks the mold of an OEM type motherboard.

OC Online
Albatron K8SLI
By: On: 06/6/05 - 01:01:35 PM
Albatron has released a number of new products in the recent months. While the industry has already released a number of SLI boards, the long awaited K8SLI has finally hit the retailers. Was the long wait worth it?

OC Online
Albatron PX915G4-Pro
By: On: 01/2/05 - 09:46:56 PM
To kick off the new year, we've decided to publish the Albatron PX915G4 Pro motherboard review. This is a great board if you're an Intel user and looking to do some small jumps into the PCI-e scene.

OC Online
Albatron PX915P Pro
By: On: 09/2/04 - 03:41:00 AM
These past few months have seen many new technologies introduced into the desktop world. Today, armed with the Albatron PX915P Pro motherboard we take our first looks at PCI-Express and LGA 775.

OC Online
Soyo P4I i845PE
By: On: 03/11/03 - 10:06:31 PM
Intel released the 845PE chipset a few weeks ago, supporting Hyperthreading and DDR333. Today O² checks out Soyo's 845PE based motherboard, the P4I 845PE. Although it is not a "Dragon" board, it comes with all the right qualities ...

OC Online
By: On: 12/7/02 - 12:47:18 PM
A while ago O² reviewed the original ABIT IT7 MAX ... Today I am testing its successor, the IT7 MAX2. What has changed? Did ABIT implement new features? They sure did! Check it out now and be amazed once again.

OC Online
By: On: 10/23/02 - 09:39:25 PM
The IT7 MAX showed to be a sweet P4 board, but of course AMD needs a "MAX" board as well! The AT7 MAX is ABIT's socketA legacy free board featuring onboard RAID, LAN, sound and excellent overclocking options! Did I mention USB2.0 and FireWire?

OC Online
Chaintech 7VJL Apogee KT333
By: On: 09/22/02 - 11:58:41 PM
To give you a little taste of what to expect from this review, you can expect a good solid look at a newly released board that is looking to hold it's own against the coming KT400's. That is our goal for you all today - to give you an honest look at the Chaintech 7VJL Apogee.

OC Online
Soyo Dragon Ultra KT333
By: On: 09/10/02 - 11:36:03 AM
Another KT333 board is being tortured in our test lab and today it's Soyo's turn to supply the goods. Their KT333 Dragon Ultra comes with a truckload of features, but how does it perform? O² unveils the secrets ...

OC Online
By: On: 09/1/02 - 11:31:13 AM
Today, we take a look at one of the best equipped Pentium4 motherboard featuring the Intel 845E chipset. If you don't need PS2, serial, or parallel ports and you're looking for a fast and stable platform with loads of features for your P4 CPU. Then look no further, because here comes the IT7 from Abit to the rescue ...

OC Online
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW AMD760MPX
By: On: 08/23/02 - 11:35:05 AM
Dual processor system are hot nowadays, especially since the day AMD released their AthlonMP CPU. Today, Overclockers Online takes a look at one of the most promising dual socketA motherboards out there: the Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW.

OC Online
EPoX 4SDA+ SiS645
By: On: 07/26/02 - 07:47:22 PM
We all know EPoX as one of the better motherboard manufacturers out there. They always try to produce fast, reliable motherboards featuring a superb overclocking potential for AMD as well as Intel CPUs. Let's see how the EPoX engineers managed to integrate the SiS645 chipset in such a motherboard ...

OC Online
Shuttle AK35GT2-R KT333
By: On: 07/17/02 - 05:41:06 PM
Shuttle presents us their KT333 motherboard, and Overclockers Online compares it to its precedessor and of course to other KT333 boards out there. How did the Shuttle AK35GT2-R perform?

OC Online
EPoX 4G4A+ Intel 845G
By: On: 06/26/02 - 12:55:09 PM
EPoX was one of the first manufacturers to release an Intel 845G motherboard, meaning it comes with Intel's Extreme Graphics onboard video card. Apart from that the board has RAID, USB 2.0, sweet overclocking options, ... and more!

OC Online
Soyo P4I Fire Dragon Intel 845D
By: On: 05/16/02 - 05:46:59 PM
This is the first time a Soyo motherboard is being tested at Overclockers Online. Did we enjoy the adventure? How did Soyo behave in our test? Lets find out with the P4I Fire Dragon ...

OC Online
AOpen AK77-333 KT333
By: On: 05/12/02 - 08:19:35 PM
AOpen has manufactured a VIA KT333 based motherboard as well, and today Overclockers Online takes the board for a spin. Can we expect the stability we are used to from AOpen? Let's find out!

OC Online
EPoX 8K3A+ KT333
By: On: 05/1/02 - 06:02:42 PM
EPoX was the first manufacturer to release a KT333 based socket A motherboard. They are aiming towards the power users with this motherboard, and after having a close look at the specs, I'm sure they managed to achieve their goals!

OC Online
AOpen AX45-V SiS645
By: On: 04/14/02 - 08:13:28 PM
SiS has built a sweet DDR Pentium 4 chipset, in order to compete with VIA and Intel on the Pentium 4 market. AOpen has produced a fine looking motherboard based upon the SiS chipset, called the AX45-V. Overclockers Online took it for a spin and shares the expierences ...

OC Online
Shuttle AK35GT-R KT266A
By: On: 02/24/02 - 02:45:53 PM
Shuttle has been increasing its popularity lately by manufacturing high quality motherboards, equipped with nice features and many tweaks! Today, O² presents you a review of the AK35GT-R, Shuttle's KT266A board.

OC Online
MSI K7T266 Pro 2 RU
By: On: 02/14/02 - 11:10:22 AM
Another KT266A based motherboard made it to our testing bunker: the MSI K7T266 Pro 2 RU. This board comes with a truckload of features like USB 2.0, RAID, Smart Key, D-LED, ... and much much more! Check it out!

OC Online
Abit BD7-RAID i845D
By: On: 12/19/01 - 12:30:52 AM
ABIT has released a P4 board based upon the Intel 845D chipset, offering DDR support for Intel's fastest CPU. How will this chipset perform when compared to the VIA P4X266 and the Intel 850? Let's take a look at the BD7-RAID ...

OC Online
Shuttle AV40R P4X266
By: On: 12/16/01 - 12:52:19 PM
Today O² brings you a review of the Shuttle AV40R, one of the first P4X266 based motherboards released to the public. With the P4X266, a P4 + DDR combo becomes a powerful setup ... Find out more in the article!

OC Online
By: On: 12/10/01 - 07:26:44 PM
Today Overclockers Online brings you a review of the first KT266A motherboard that was released. The honor went to EPoX with their brand new 8KHA+ board. If you want to see how a 200MHz FSB and other cool features perform, I suggest you read on!

OC Online
IWill KK266plus-R Motherboard
By: On: 10/1/01 - 12:06:16 AM
We know it has been a while since our last IWill motherboard review. Today, we want to change that as we reviewed one of the sweetest KT133A-based mainboards on the market today, the KK266plus-R. Nope, it's not the fastest SocketA board available, but I'm sure it will please all non-DDR lovers out there ...

OC Online
MSI K7T266 Pro Motherboard
By: On: 09/25/01 - 03:04:17 PM
Today O² looks at the MSI K7T266 Pro, a very decent VIA KT266 based socket A motherboard loaded with features, options and gadgets. Besides that is is very stable and comes with several tweak options!

OC Online
Abit KG7-RAID Motherboard
By: On: 09/14/01 - 01:06:48 AM
Abit did it again! With the KG7-RAID, the world's overclocking dream has become reality because this board has it all: DDR support, many features like RAID, memory tweaks, ... this is a total package that is made to serve you, the tweakers, overclockers and power users of today's hardware community.

OC Online
EPoX 4T2A Pentium4 Motherboard
By: On: 08/26/01 - 06:28:10 PM
With the 4T2A EPoX enters the Pentium4 market and they did a very good job with their very first P4 motherboard! The 4T2A has shown to be a very stable board with several features and tweakable options. Want to see how it performs? Read on ...

OC Online
Abit TH7 Motherboard
By: On: 06/24/01 - 03:14:45 PM
With the Pentium4 becoming cheaper, it is becoming a more interesting product for the home users. Of course a good motherboard is needed and today O² takes a closer look at the Abit TH7, a high-end P4 motherboard featuring a lot of extras!

OC Online
IWill KD266 Motherboard
By: On: 06/15/01 - 01:11:30 AM
Here's another Socket A Athlon/Duron mainboard review for all of you. Is it the regular KT133A chipset based mainboard you hear about every day? No sir, it's not! We are about to take a look at the brandnew KD266 Socket A mainboard from IWill. Powered by an ALi engine, let's see how it stacks up against the rest ...

OC Online
IWill DVD266-R Dual Socket370 Motherboard
By: On: 06/13/01 - 01:13:13 AM
Today we present you the one and only dual socket 370 solution featuring onboard RAID, highly tweakable BIOS, free coolers and DDR support! Want to know more? Check out the review!

OC Online
AOpen AK73Pro(A) Motherboard
By: On: 06/1/01 - 12:35:06 AM
Over the past few months, Overclockers Online has taken a closer look at many high performance KT133A chipset based mainboards. Well, today we bring you yet another one, the AOpen AK73Pro(A) KT133A motherboard. Can it compete with popular boards like the Abit, Asus, EPoX KT133A's? Let's take a peak inside ...

OC Online
IWill BD133 i815EP Motherboard
By: On: 05/22/01 - 01:04:58 AM
Reviews of IWill products reach our webnews very often, but we @ OC Online never had the chance to test one of our own ... until now folks. We have a review of the IWill BD133 mobo based on the i815EP chipset. Let's see how our P3-700E CPU performs on this mofo ...

OC Online
EPoX 8KTA3+ Motherboard
By: On: 05/17/01 - 11:26:33 AM
After being in the dark for some time, EPoX is back in business and today we present you a review of the EPoX 8KTA3+, EPoX' KT133A based motherboard. This board is a fully featured board with great tweak options and high performance. We even got 160MHz FSB with the board! Want to know more? Check out the review now.

OC Online
Abit KT7E Motherboard
By: On: 05/13/01 - 01:48:37 AM
It's a bird, it's a plane ... Nope guys, it's the brandnew supercool KT7E motherboard from Abit! This mofo features the 'mysterious' VIA KT133E chipset and a nice blue PCB. Is the KT7E another killer board from Abit or not? Let's find out ...

OC Online
MSI 694D Master-S Dual CPU Motherboard
By: On: 04/11/01 - 11:58:56 AM
It has been a while since we tested another dual cpu motherboard at Overclockers Online. Today we bring you one of the best dual cpu boards available, the MSI 694D Master-S. Equiped with onboard Ultra160 SCSI, highly tweakable BIOS and more!! The Abit VP6 just got a new competitor!

OC Online
Asus A7V133 Motherboard
By: On: 03/13/01 - 12:11:17 AM
Overclockers Online has another ASUS product on the testbed! This time we will take a look at how good/bad their KT133A motherboard, the A7V133, performs. Can it beat other leading mainboards? Curious already? Well, then come on in ...

OC Online
Asus A7M266 DDR Motherboard
By: On: 02/22/01 - 10:28:22 AM
Today Overclockers Online has their first Socket A DDR motherboard on the testbed. It's the Asus A7M266. In the past, we've seen some great boards from Asus, but how well did Asus engineers take care of the new DDR technology? Let's find out...

OC Online
Abit KT7A RAID Motherboard
By: On: 02/6/01 - 06:41:02 PM
The KT7 RAID, one of the most popular socket A motherboards has been replaced by a new board. The KT7A RAID is equipped with the KT133A chipset which means it supports a 133MHz FSB! Is this board a worthy sequel in the Abit success story? Read the review and find out ...

OC Online
Abit VP6 Motherboard
By: On: 01/18/01 - 10:41:19 PM
It has been a while since we saw a good SMP capable motherboard, but now Abit decided to do something about that and release the succesor of the famous BP6! Is the new VP6 just as good or is it even better? Read the review and find out ...

OC Online
Abit SA6-R Motherboard
By: On: 12/28/00 - 09:58:40 PM
Some time ago, Abit has released a new motherboard for Intel processors. The new board uses the Intel 815 chipset and has other great features like onboard RAID, Soft Menu III, ... Is this the new overclocking champion? Let's find out!

OC Online
Asus A7V Motherboard
By: On: 12/5/00 - 12:36:09 PM
If experience with previous Asus motherboards is anything to go by, the A7V has everything on its side to be a winner. Come on in & find out...

OC Online
MSI K7T Pro2 Motherboard
By: On: 11/25/00 - 05:46:08 PM
MSI has released a succesor for the famous K7T Pro. We take a look at what this puppy can do and how well it overclocks. So lets go and find out if MSI designed a KT7 killer with this new mobo ...

OC Online
AOpen AX34 Pro II Motherboard
By: On: 11/22/00 - 01:13:35 PM
You gotta admit : this board looks damn fine! But what we're really interested in, is how this "black beauty" performs on our testbanks. Come inside & find out with us ...

OC Online
ABIT BX133-RAID Motherboard
By: On: 11/4/00 - 06:27:46 PM
Because we believe that the BX chipset isn't dead yet, we decided to take a closer look at what is called 'The best BX board ever' by so many people. Does ATA100 & onboard RAID support make the board really that fast? Come & see how we abused the board ...

OC Online
ABIT KT7-RAID Motherboard
By: On: 11/2/00 - 08:32:25 PM
We take a look one of the best Athlon/Duron motherboards available on the market today. This baby has onboard RAID, multiplier adjustements, SoftMenu III and much much more! Go read the review to find out more and see how well it performs!

OC Online
ASUS CUSL2 Motherboard
By: On: 10/28/00 - 05:27:40 PM
When Intel realized that the i820 wasn't going to make it, it was back to the drawing boards on the Solano and Solano2. The Solano2 became the Intel i815e, the chipset featured on the ASUS CUSL2. The i815e promises to bring back Intel's chipset dominance. But does it keep its promise?

OC Online
ASUS CUV4X Motherboard
By: On: 10/21/00 - 01:38:42 PM
Let's take a look at the latest S370 board based on the VIA® 694X/694Z chipset from Asus : The CU4VX! Is this board a worthy competitor for the I815 chipset of the CUSL2? or the Abit SE6?

OC Online
ABIT SE6 Motherboard
By: On: 10/15/00 - 03:55:35 PM
Today we take a look at one of ABIT's latest motherboards based on the Intel 815 chipset. Is this board good for overclockers, is it stable? Go read the review and find out!

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