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OC Online
By: On: 04/16/09 - 04:31:05 AM
The mouse pad is an important and integral part of your connection to the PC. ZOWIE GEAR is a new face on the scene and their first product, the P-RF mouse pad, they hope to win a spot on your desk.

OC Online
Evolution Gaming Gear: Mouse Pad MP3
By: On: 04/5/09 - 06:37:49 PM
After looking at the MP2, we have been introduced to the newest member of the family, the MP3. Let's discover the quality of this mouse pad, and how it compares to the MP2.

OC Online
In Win NA 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure
By: On: 04/2/09 - 04:45:31 AM
External hard drives are an easy solution to storage problems. If you don't like the typical enclosure In Win has you covered with the stylish NA hard drive enclosure.

OC Online
Evolution Gaming Gear MP2 Mouse Pad
By: On: 03/12/09 - 02:24:27 AM
Evolution Gaming Gear completes their introductions here at Overclockers Online with two mouse pads, the MP2 and MP3. First, let's take a look at the MP2 and see if it can glide its way into the hearts of gamers.

OC Online
eStarling Impact7 WiFi Digital Frame
By: On: 12/22/08 - 03:19:43 AM
Have a ton of photo's just sitting on your PC? Easily display and share them with eStarling's Impact7 WiFi digital photo frame. Read along to see why this frame brings more to the table than your usual digital frame.

OC Online
NZXT Sentry LX
By: On: 09/6/08 - 05:48:02 AM
To be titled a high performance fan controller could mean a number of different things. To the folks at NZXT, it means the ability to control five different fans and monitor five different temperatures, among other features.

OC Online
BlueLounge CableYoYo POP
By: On: 03/10/08 - 01:40:56 AM
In spite of all the brilliant technological advancements we have seen in the last few decades, we have yet to address a simple grievance: tangled cables. BlueLounge is here today with their Cable YoYo POP to tackle this very problem!

OC Online
XtracPads Ripper
By: On: 09/21/07 - 04:40:33 AM
The XtracPads Ripper is a cloth mousepad with a large surface area for your gaming needs. Sounds cheap? It's not, believe me!

OC Online
XtracPads Pro HS
By: On: 08/29/07 - 05:07:59 AM
Today I am looking at XtracPads Pro HS, a plastic surface mousepad designed for precision with a hexagon tracking pattern. Read on to find out if this is the right mousepad for you.

OC Online
SteelSeries SteelPad S&S
By: On: 07/11/07 - 04:53:31 AM
SteelSeries has long had a great product with the SteelPad S&S. Now with an update to the mousing surface of the SteelPad S&S, SteelSeries aims to keep it ahead of the pack.

OC Online
Tsunami Ice-1 Media Manager
By: On: 01/23/06 - 01:56:19 AM
Making their Overclockers Online debut is Tsunami with the feature filled Ice-1 Media Manager. Watching DVDs or Cable TV on your computer has never been easier... and you don't even need to turn it on. Read more about it inside.

OC Online
Spire DigiPanel II
By: On: 12/15/05 - 03:29:11 AM
The DigiPanel II offers a number of features ranging from temperature monitor, fan RPM changing and a number of port extenders. This will certainly be a great tool for those who love quiet computing.

OC Online
Hiper Clavier Keyboard
By: On: 08/30/05 - 01:14:18 AM
Hiper is a relatively new name to us, but they've received a lot of publicity for their new Type-R PSUs. Before we get to that review, we got a quick one on the Clavier Aluminium HCK-1S18A Keyboard.

OC Online
Ultra Fan Commander
By: On: 08/5/05 - 01:39:03 AM
Do you have a half dozen fans in your case that sound like a helicopter is taking off? A solution that can throttle back up to 7 fans...the Fan Commander.

OC Online
Ultra Titanium Series
By: On: 04/5/05 - 05:39:40 AM
Today we're bringing you a whole series of products that we will call the "Titanium Series". These are fans and power supplies with an appealing high gloss paint. Will they suite your case's desires? Read on and take a look.

OC Online
By: On: 01/8/05 - 12:25:36 PM
Ever wondered where all your cd's are at? Sick of the scratches from piling much used cd's on top of each other? The DiscHub is exactly what you need and next to that, it even looks cool!

OC Online
Plextor ConvertX PX-AV100U
By: On: 07/21/04 - 05:06:03 AM
Maybe you've got a stack of old home movies, VHS tapes, or just want to record some of those gaming sessions you have with the guys; can Plextor's ConvertX PX-AV100U be the answer?

OC Online
Sunbeam CCFL Kit
By: On: 07/19/03 - 11:37:41 AM
Lighting is definitely an accessory and really serves no meaningful purpose unless you like them. To some people it's a complete waste of money, but hey, they look cool!

OC Online
CeBIT 2003 Coverage
By: On: 03/21/03 - 06:03:07 PM
Once again, Overclockers Online brings you their coverage of CeBIT 2003, the huge computer trade fair in Hannover, Germany. We have some sweet information and a truckload of pictures to share with you! Come on in and have a peek ...

OC Online
Interview With Chaintech
By: On: 03/2/03 - 03:52:01 PM
Chaintech, a manufacturer who has been pretty active in the hardware scene building motherboards, video cards, ... was interested in being interviewed by O² ... Here is the result of our chat!

OC Online
Prolink PlayTV Box
By: On: 02/12/03 - 08:34:30 PM
Prolink is not only known for their video cards, they also produce several other multimedia devices. One of those nifty products is the Prolink PlayTV Box ... Check it out!

OC Online
Hercules SmartTV
By: On: 01/30/03 - 12:41:14 AM
The SmartTV is Hercules' first attempt at creating a TV capture card. The result is a fine looking blue entry-level PCI card with lots of features! Join us as we check it out ...

OC Online
CeBIT 2002 Coverage
By: On: 03/31/02 - 11:04:01 PM
Overclockers Online was at the largest computer fare on the globe, called CeBIT and this is our coverage of this gigantic hardware fest! We got a truckload of pictures and information for you to enjoy, so check it out!

OC Online
Vantec Rounded IDE Cable
By: On: 02/19/02 - 11:47:20 PM
IDE cables are used in every computer out there (unless those full force SCSI rigs). Instead of the usual flat, grey IDE cables, O² presents you a review of some nice, rounded, mesh wired IDE cables made by Vantec.

OC Online
HQ45 Case Modding
By: On: 10/23/01 - 12:41:46 AM
Everyone who has the necessary $$$ can buy a nice premodded case from various online stores from all over the globe. But where's the fun in buying such a case when you can make one of your own? Today, O² will show you how to mod a cheap AOpen HQ45 case. Windows kits and neon lights ... here we come!

OC Online
MacPower DigiDoc5
By: On: 08/11/01 - 08:46:18 PM
Have you ever been dieing to get a piece of hardware that you really, REALLY like? And once you finally get it, you feel nothing but joy and happiness? Well, that's the feeling I have today after I just installed the MacPower DigiDoc5 in my rig! Want to know what this goodie can do to your rig and if it's worth your $$$? Well, I guess you have to read on ...

OC Online
Romtec Trios Hard Drive Selector
By: On: 08/7/01 - 12:10:48 PM
If you have to share your computer with your room mates or you just want to experiment a lot with your computer without running the risk of losing all your prescious data, than the Romtec Trios HDD Selector is what you have been waiting for!

OC Online
CeBIT 2001 Coverage
By: On: 04/15/01 - 04:17:54 PM
The CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany has closed its doors for quite some time now. Of course, Overclockers Online was at the scene the whole time to be able to bring you a report of what we saw and did not see! You'll notice that we have a whole lot of exclusive information, that's why we are a bit late with our article ... BUT better l8 than never huh! ;)

OC Online
Quiet PC Products
By: On: 02/20/01 - 10:06:55 PM
Most tweakers and overclockers own computers which, in most cases, generate more noise then a 747 Jumbo Jet preparing for take off. Overclockers Online found the perfect way to reduce all that noise to a level you won't even notice your computer is running! Here is your chance to sleep without wearing ear plugs ...

OC Online
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
By: On: 01/28/01 - 07:38:13 PM
A mouse is one of the most important parts of your computer since it is used in Windows all the time, but most games benefit from a good mouse too! Logitech recently released an optical mouse, which means a small laser is used to calculate the position of the cursor instead of a ball. Did Logitech succeeded in their plan to design a good mouse? Let's find out ...

OC Online
Case Modding Part One
By: On: 01/17/01 - 05:22:49 PM
Are you feeling sorry for yourself because your case is just the same one and your neighbour's? Do you have too much heat in your case, inhibiting you from overclocking that killer cpu even more? Then this is what you need! This is part one of a guide on how to modify your computer case so check it out now ...

OC Online
Creative Labs WebCam Plus
By: On: 12/22/00 - 03:28:07 PM
Living in a world of gadgets and multimedia, I believe everyone should have a webcam at home. And because there're a lot of webcams on the market which have a very low image quality, we decided to take a look at the latest webcam from Creative, The WebCam Plus.

OC Online
Green vs. Blue Cores
By: On: 12/6/00 - 10:24:47 PM
In the left corner: AMD's Duron with a "green" core. In the right corner: AMD's Duron with a "blue" core. Which one of these contenders is best for overclocking? Do all these colors get you confused? Read the article and find out more!

OC Online
Copper Shims
By: On: 12/3/00 - 08:06:03 PM
A lot of people don't know how important copper shims can be for your computer. They can save your cpu's life and even help you overclock better. Want to know how? Come on in and find out!

OC Online
Mouse Bungee
By: On: 11/29/00 - 12:03:50 AM
Most gadgets look good, but don't do anything else for you except looking good. Today we review the Mouse Bungee, a very cool product that looks good and actually is useful! Lets take a look at it ...

OC Online
Destruction of hardware
By: On: 11/22/00 - 11:32:10 AM
Sooner or later we all destroy some piece of hardware. Wether it is expensive or cheap, we all feel bad about it and would like to bang our head into the wall (some of you may do this without reason too). Here is a story about such an expierence ...

OC Online
ABIT visits OC Online
By: On: 11/13/00 - 11:15:40 PM
ABIT Europe has payed a visit to the Overclockers Online testbunker. They also brought along some cool review material which we shall summarize in this small article.

OC Online
RatPad Mousing Surface
By: On: 10/15/00 - 03:41:01 PM
Let's see how good this new mousing surface really is and see if it will hold up during our torture tests.

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