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Evercool Transformer 4 CPU Cooler
By: On: 06/27/09 - 11:24:53 AM
Evercool has just released their latest CPU cooler, the Transformer 4. Read on to see how it competes against other high-end contenders, and if it transforms your view on air cooling!

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Cooler Master Notepal D1
By: On: 06/11/09 - 11:15:44 PM
Notebooks don't generally have the best cooling available and notebook coolers are a huge help in keeping your laptop cool. More often than not the options available have more features than you need. Cooler Master has come up with the budget friendly Notepal D1 which brings everything back to the basics.

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Cooler Master Hyper N520
By: On: 04/22/09 - 02:07:10 AM
With the Hyper N520, Cooler Master takes a tower cooler and adds two fans along with 5 heat pipes to keep your CPU cool. Read on to see if the Hyper N520 has all your needs fulfilled.

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Zalman CNPS9900 LED
By: On: 03/19/09 - 02:49:56 AM
The latest high performance heatsink from Zalman is impressive in both size and performance. Read on to find out if the CNPS9900 LED is the right fit for you.

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StarLight Creations Light Laptop Stands
By: On: 03/2/09 - 01:27:56 AM
Laptop stands are often accessories neglected by most. More often than not, they only offer minor improvements and aren't always the quietest with their active cooling. StarLight Creations has come up with an incredibly no-fuss simple laptop stand that works without fans.

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GELID Solutions GC-1 Thermal Compound
By: On: 02/21/09 - 10:17:10 PM
GELID Solutions is making a name for itself in cooling products and the next logical step would be a thermal compound. In this review, we'll take a look at GELID's GC-1, a newcomer to the world of thermal compounds usually dominated by Arctic Silver.

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GELID Silent Spirit
By: On: 02/8/09 - 03:10:23 AM
As with other GELID products we have reviewed, the GELID Silent Spirit quad-heatpipe heatsink has impressive specifications. Being a GELID product, elegant style and high quality construction are a given but what about the performance? Let's find out!

OC Online
Thermaltake SpinQ
By: On: 02/5/09 - 02:12:41 AM
Thermaltake has unleashed another CPU cooler on us. Today we have the 50 wave aluminum finned heatsink with 6 copper heatpipes. Does it perform? Is it worth your money? Let's find out!

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Titan Cool Idol (TTC-NK75TZ)
By: On: 01/25/09 - 04:20:11 AM
The Titan Cool Idol is essentially the twin of the Evercool Transformer 6 we looked at earlier. However, this heatpipe-equipped cooler has a few twists of its own...

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Evercool Transformer 6 (EC-HPI-12025)
By: On: 01/18/09 - 08:59:42 PM
Boasting six heatpipes, the Evercool Transformer 6 isn't unlike other coolers in the market. We will look at the performance, ease of installation and more in this review. Does the cooler have any qualities that set it apart from the rest?

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Thermalright AXP-140 CPU Heatsink
By: On: 01/16/09 - 05:37:31 PM
Thermalright introduces a low-profile CPU cooler bound the shake up the HTPC and Rackmount cooling world. Utilizing 6 heatpipes and 78 fins, we have high hopes from the king of cooling.

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Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler
By: On: 12/27/08 - 02:45:27 AM
Cooler Master recently released a new family of CPU coolers, the V series. We will be looking at the V8, the "entry level" heat sink. Read on and see how it performs against other high performance coolers!

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Vizo Propeller Dual Fan Card System Cooler
By: On: 12/23/08 - 04:31:17 AM
The Vizo Propeller is a system cooler comprised of two fans attached to a PCI bracket. Taking up just one slot, it provides a convenient and effective method of adding extra cooling to your system.

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Vizo Orbiter Hard Drive Cooler
By: On: 12/11/08 - 04:07:03 PM
The Vizo Orbiter is a unique hard drive cooler that does the job while looking very stylish. How does it perform? Read on for the details.

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GELID Wing 12 120mm Gamer Fan
By: On: 12/5/08 - 03:24:50 AM
GELID Solutions is back with another innovative product. This time, it is a waterproof, UV-reactive 120mm fan with a "nanoflux bearing" which lets you to separate the impeller from the motor for easy cleaning.

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Vizo Mini Ninja Notebook Cooler
By: On: 12/1/08 - 04:48:31 AM
I have yet another laptop cooler today, this time from Vizo Technology. With two fans and a small footprint, this cooler is definitely looking attractive. How does it perform? Read on to find out.

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OCZ Gladiator Max CPU Cooler
By: On: 11/25/08 - 03:52:13 AM
OCZ may not be well known for their cooling products but they've got a vast line up ranging from CPU coolers to waterblocks and even phase. Today, we put to the test their latest 120mm HSF.

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Evercool Formula 2
By: On: 11/23/08 - 04:32:28 AM
Evercool has just released their newest video card cooler, the Formula 2. Read on to see how it competes, and if it wins the race of aesthetics, quality, and most importantly, cooling.

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Evercool Royal Notebook Cooling Pad
By: On: 10/6/08 - 03:57:54 AM
A lot of laptops suffer from heat-related issues and laptop coolers help alleviate the issue. By cooling down the laptop, they allow you to comfortably use your laptop on, you guessed it, your lap! This is where the Evercool Royal comes in...

OC Online
Zalman CNPS9300 AT
By: On: 10/2/08 - 11:14:59 PM
Zalman has used a tried and true design with the CNPS9300 AT, only they have made it smaller. Read on to see if this latest heatsink from Zalman stands tall despite it's smaller stature.

OC Online
GELID Silent 12 TC & PWM
By: On: 09/25/08 - 04:42:21 AM
GELID Solutions makes their first foray into the world of cooling with their Silent series of fans. We have two different versions, both 120mm, but one is thermally controlled (TC) and one is PWM controlled (PWM). How do they perform? Let's find out.

OC Online
CoolJag Programmable LED Flash Fan
By: On: 07/6/08 - 06:53:15 PM
CoolJag's new Programmable LED fan brings the humble 120mm fan to a new level of aesthetic utility, allowing you to display your choice of text on the fan itself! Read on to see how it works.

OC Online
ThermalTake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System
By: On: 06/20/08 - 01:35:45 AM
Often people are scared away from water cooling by its complexity, however Thermaltake's ProWater 850i eases the fear in an easy to install all in one kit.

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Zalman CNPS7500-CU LED
By: On: 03/24/08 - 12:22:00 AM
Want to keep your CPU cool and quiet? Can Zalman's latest silent cooler, the CNPS7500-CU LED accomplish such a feat? I hope to find out, read on to see.

OC Online
Noctua NH-U12P
By: On: 03/15/08 - 06:42:36 PM
The tower-style heatpipe-equipped CPU cooler has become ubiquitous and several manufacturers have adopted the design. So what sets the Noctua NH-U12P from the rest of the pack? For one, the excellent NF-P12 fan is included but there's more.

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Ultra Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler with Heatpipes
By: On: 03/1/08 - 01:50:55 AM
Hard drives are often forgotten in terms of cooling, but Ultra is looking to remedy your overheating hard drive with an attractive aluminum cooler. Read on to find out more.

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CoolIT USB Chiller
By: On: 01/25/08 - 03:59:13 AM
Need something that will keep your drink ice cold during long hours of gaming, but don't want to move the computer beside the refrigerator? CoolIT introduces the Beverage Chiller to do just that!

OC Online
Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan
By: On: 01/17/08 - 05:19:34 AM
Noctua's NF-P12 is definitely engineered a little differently from your average 120mm fan. All this engineering pays off in the form of great performance and low noise, making it an excellent choice to use with your CPU cooler.

OC Online
Thermalright Ultima-90
By: On: 01/10/08 - 12:52:25 AM
Thermalright's Ultima-90 takes the effective design of six heatpipes from the Ultra-120 Extreme and fits it into a 90mm body, but this smaller sibling still packs some cooling punch. Read on to find out more.

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Zalman CNPS8700 LED
By: On: 11/22/07 - 02:28:22 AM
Tired of hearing that audible whine in your home theater PC? Zalman aims to eliminate the noise and maintain great cooling with the CNPS8700 LED.

OC Online
Zalman Reserator XT
By: On: 10/22/07 - 03:25:25 AM
With the Reserator XT, Zalman adds active cooling to their already impressive passive water cooling to positive results. Building on the original and successful Reserator, let's find out how this bad boy works!

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SilverStone Fan Compendium
By: On: 08/21/07 - 01:23:01 PM
Today I’ll be looking at four different SilverStone fans, two 80mm models with 92mm fan blades – one of which has speed control, plus two 120mm fans with speed controls. Let’s see how much hot air we can move!

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CoolerMaster Vortex 752
By: On: 08/15/07 - 02:41:48 AM
You can't always use the biggest heatsink around to keep your CPU cool. For HTPC machines, the CoolerMaster Vortex 752 might be the cooler you are looking for, combining a space saving design and silence to meet your needs.

OC Online
Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme
By: On: 08/2/07 - 02:15:56 AM
When a brown package has the name Thermalright Inc., stamped on it, you don't have to think this is going to be another boring package. While the packaging was dull, the Ultra 120 eXtreme was far from it.

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Cooler Master Aquagate S1
By: On: 07/16/07 - 01:33:39 AM
Cooler Master has come up with a new addition to the Aquagate family. The S1 replaces the Mini R120 which was one of the best inclusive watercooling kits of its time. The S1 has big shoes to fill so let's see how it fairs.

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Evercool HPFA-10025
By: On: 06/9/07 - 03:18:46 AM
The HPFA-10025 'Buffalo' is Evercool's latest heatpipe CPU cooler. It comes with the unique styling and name Evercool is known for, but will it deliver the 'extreme performance'?

OC Online
By: On: 05/7/07 - 06:11:08 AM
Over Way Technology is not only a new name to us, but to the entire world. Do a quick search and you'll get almost no information about these folks. What brings them to our home is their new CPU cooler. How's it fair? Read on to find out!

OC Online
Cooler Master GeminII
By: On: 04/18/07 - 04:45:04 PM
Cooler Master's GeminII is not just a CPU cooler... it is a "complete system cooler" thanks to its large size and ability to hold not one, but two, 120mm fans. How does it perform? Read on to find out.

OC Online
Jetart HCA06 HDD Guard
By: On: 04/3/07 - 04:58:46 PM
Hard disks are usually neglected in terms of cooling but Jetart aims to change that with this simple but effective cooler. Read on for details.

OC Online
Cooler Master CoolViva Pro
By: On: 03/28/07 - 06:19:02 PM
Cooler Master's latest addition to the CoolViva line boasts three heatpipes and an innovative radial fan design that hopes to cool down hot video cards. Does it work? Read on to find out...

OC Online
Thermalright HR-07
By: On: 03/24/07 - 02:35:24 PM
Thermalright has been a heavy hitter here at Overclockers Online with their High Riser family. Every model we looked at performed amazingly well. I expect the HR-07 to follow suit, let's see if I'm right...

OC Online
Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX
By: On: 02/26/07 - 02:10:04 PM
The CPU coolers that come with today's processors just don't cut it in my opinion. The ability to overclock is very limited and if you are looking to overclock, additional cooling is a must. Rosewill comes to bat with the RCX-Z2-EX today.

OC Online
Rosewill RCX-Z775-EX
By: On: 02/10/07 - 02:55:21 AM
A new face is in the spotlight today. A warm round of applause for Rosewill and the RCX-Z775-EX. This stand-up heatpipe cooler is sure to impress.

OC Online
Cooler Master NotePal S
By: On: 01/28/07 - 02:18:25 AM
Ever wanted to use your laptop with the comfort of a desktop? Cooler Master has delivered just that with the NotePal S, an adjustable stand for your laptop. Read on for the details!

OC Online
Thermalright Chill Factor
By: On: 01/14/07 - 04:04:18 AM
Arctic Silver 5, the iPod of TIMs, has been king for a long time. Occasionally, a product comes along that hopes to compete with it. Today, we have Thermalright's Chill Factor. Will it succeed? Read the review for the answer.

OC Online
Cooler Master NotePal P1
By: On: 01/9/07 - 03:40:27 AM
Hot laptop? Cooler Master has a solution for you with the new NotePal P1. By combining two 70mm fans in a small-size unit that draws power from one of your laptop's USB ports, the NotePal P1 is indispensable.

OC Online
Noctua NC-U6
By: On: 12/29/06 - 12:25:07 AM
Shhhh...can you hear that? No you can't, because it's silent. The demand for a quiet or near silent personal computer has cooling accessory manufacturers taking strides to cool your computer without adding or even removing noise, especially the chipset.

OC Online
Cooler Master Hyper TX
By: On: 12/18/06 - 04:05:45 AM
Just in time for Christmas, Overclockers Online takes a look at a CPU cooler that everyone should have under the tree. Keeping the processor in your system cool is priority number one and Cooler Master has us covered.

OC Online
Cooler Master Mars
By: On: 12/7/06 - 06:27:57 AM
Round three of our Cooler Master series is in place with the final installment to be posted in two weeks time. Today we look at the second CPU cooler in a row here at O2 and like the last, the Mars is far from typical in design.

OC Online
Cooler Master Eclipse
By: On: 12/4/06 - 03:07:01 AM
The processor cooling market recently received a facelift when Cooler Master simultaneously released a handful of coolers for both AMD and Intel platforms. Today we look at the first of three that we will review here at O2.

OC Online
Cooler Master Aquagate Viva
By: On: 11/16/06 - 03:09:24 AM
Small water cooling units are popping up like wind generators on the prairies but not many can claim the ability to cool a CPU or a GPU. The Aquagate Viva can, today we see how good of a job it does at cooling both.

OC Online
Noctua NF-S12 120mm Fan
By: On: 11/2/06 - 01:56:28 AM
Balancing noise and performance has been an ongoing struggle. Today we are going to look at Noctua’s NF-S12 fan which utilizes SSO bearings and a new fan blade design in order to reduce noise while not compromising performance.

OC Online
Thermalright HR-05-SLI
By: On: 10/27/06 - 03:13:28 AM
Do you have a noisy chipset cooler and a pair of beefy video cards? Are you pulling your hair out looking for a quiet solution? Fear not, Thermalright has come to the rescue of all users in this very predicament with the HR-05-SLI.

OC Online
Evercool Red Scorpion 140mm Fan
By: On: 10/12/06 - 03:31:29 AM
The benefits of a 140mm fan versus a 120mm fan are obvious: better airflow along with quieter performance. Turns out even a mere 20mm can make a huge difference in the noise-to-airflow ratio

OC Online
Titan Amanda
By: On: 09/12/06 - 12:32:44 AM
Most coolers these days have a few heat pipes, a large fan and tons of fins. Amanda brings something new to the floor with a 50W TEC to top things off. Let's see how she performs!

OC Online
Thermalright MST-9775
By: On: 08/20/06 - 03:02:40 AM
Thermalright has never disappointed when it comes to high performance coolers. However, they've taken a spin to their usual products and released this low-noise budget cooler. Let's see how it does!

OC Online
Zalman CNPS8000
By: On: 08/14/06 - 02:36:13 PM
Zalman's new low-profile CNPS8000 CPU cooler from their legendary CNPS series is outfitted with heatpipes, a 92mm fan, and tons of fins to try and take on the big boys. Will it stand a chance? Find out...

OC Online
Zalman CNPS-9500AT
By: On: 08/6/06 - 03:34:16 PM
Zalman is recognized as a company devoted to low noise solutions capable of keeping up with some of the high performance hardware. The CNPS-9500AT is one of three CNPS-9500 variations. What's so special about it? Read on to find out.

OC Online
Thermaltake Mini Typhoon
By: On: 08/2/06 - 01:29:11 AM
Thermaltake's Mini Typhoon is a strong competitor, it performs well, easy to install and if you are thinking of upgrading your CPU cooler, give the Mini Typhoon a serious look.

OC Online
OCZ Tempest
By: On: 07/27/06 - 01:37:35 AM
OCZ is a leading player in world of memory but that's not all. While all hot products need to stay cool, there's nothing hotter than one overclocked processor and taking in the limelight tonight is the very shiny OCZ Tempest.

OC Online
Thermalright Ultra-120
By: On: 07/3/06 - 01:03:02 AM
Cooling cooling and more cooling, the CPU can never have enough cooling and when your are overclocking nothing is more true. Today I put the Thermalright Ultra-120 up against the Thermalright XP-120, gentleman take your marks...

OC Online
nMedia Icetank
By: On: 06/28/06 - 02:28:50 AM
CPU cooling is and always will be a hot topic. CPU coolers not only have to remove tremendous amounts of heat but are expected to do so making little noise. nMedia introduces the Icetank CPU cooler that looks promising in both aspects.

OC Online
Noctua NH-U9 and NH-U12
By: On: 05/23/06 - 12:06:47 AM
If NH-U9's surface area, four U-shaped heatpipes, and ability to use two 92mm fans don't already catch your attention, the NH-U12's, four heatpipes, and the ability to use two 120mm fans definitely will!

OC Online
Spire VertiCool II and DiamondCool II
By: On: 05/12/06 - 01:09:14 AM
The use of heatpipes has firmly entrenched air cooling in modern PCs. Heatpipe technology allows air coolers to cool even the hottest CPUs quietly. Today we have two new coolers from Spire that do exactly that.

OC Online
Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus
By: On: 05/8/06 - 12:36:44 AM
Presently, Sytrin is an undiscovered diamond mine, but if they continue designing products like the Ku Formula VF1 series heatsink, expect to hear a lot more from them in the near future!

OC Online
Thermalright HR-01
By: On: 04/27/06 - 10:36:10 PM
While it might look like a vacant apartment building, there's more here than meets the eye. The HR-01 is a fanless CPU cooler that combines ventilated fins with heatpipes to dissipate the micro-inferno that our modern processors create.

OC Online
Zalman VF900-Cu
By: On: 04/17/06 - 06:45:13 PM
Zalman is always on the forefront of the cooling market. They have for us today an upgrade to the VF700 series of VGA coolers: the heatpipe-outfitted VF900-Cu. Will its performance be reminiscent of the awesome VF700? Find out...

OC Online
Arctic Cooling Alpine 64
By: On: 04/5/06 - 12:29:06 AM
The saying "you get what you pay for" is a popular rule of thumb, but the Alpine 64 is an exception. This puppy, priced attractively at $15, easily blows away its competitors not only in performance but also in noise levels.

OC Online
Asetek WaterChill KT12A-12VX
By: On: 03/12/06 - 02:28:22 AM
When air isn't enough, we rely on water to cool hot processors and other components. Today I am taking the plunge with a leader in aftermarket cooling. The water is flowing so get your trunks on kids because the pool is open for business.

OC Online
Thermaltake Tide Water
By: On: 02/21/06 - 01:49:58 AM
Let the water flow! If you have a video card that gets as hot as the headers on a Shelby Cobra then read on as TT has developed an all-in-one cooling device to chill out the biggest and baddest of video cards.

OC Online
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro
By: On: 02/18/06 - 07:51:25 PM
Arctic Cooling has continued its heatpipe trend with the K8-compatible, copper-based Freezer 64 Pro. Can the Swiss company once again uphold its name, synomymous with performance, in the cooling market?

OC Online
Swiftech H2O-220-Apex Ultra
By: On: 02/16/06 - 03:53:59 AM
Coming off the success of the H2O-120 series of water cooling kits, Swiftech presented us with this new kit based around their Apogee waterblock. They also supplied us with a Storm waterblock for comparison. Check it out!

OC Online
Cooler Master Susurro
By: On: 02/1/06 - 07:39:47 PM
Though unlike the Hyper 6+ and other high performance coolers the Susurro's true advantage lies in it's size. This low profile cooler is an ideal choice for SFF's and rackmounts.

OC Online
Evercool STC-01
By: On: 01/20/06 - 12:10:26 AM
Many cooling companies are entering the TIM market and Evercool has followed suit with the Sidewinder STC-01. Can this newcomer offer the performance we've come to expect from Evercool? Read on to find out...

OC Online
Thermaltake Blue Orb II
By: On: 01/12/06 - 04:05:30 AM
The renowned orb style cooler has had quite a history, beginning in 1999 when Hewlett Packard released the Polar Logic Orb. Since then, it has been redone and revamped by countless manufacturers and more prominently, by Zalman.

OC Online
Corsair COOL
By: On: 01/10/06 - 12:18:50 AM
Corsair has released its second watercooling kit. This low cost solution is a great way to get into the game for rookies and veterans who just want a change. We'll see if it's any good.

OC Online
Titan Eagle
By: On: 01/8/06 - 03:28:15 PM
For those looking to replace the generic VGA cooler with something that offers a bit more performance without adding any additional noise, the Titan Eagle let’s you do that. We’ve got both flavors on hand and we’ll see if they’re any good.

OC Online
Cooler Master NanoFusion
By: On: 01/2/06 - 05:05:47 AM
Cooler Master has always lived up to its name in the PC cooling department. They've now entered a realm of TIM's once and still dominated by Arctic Silver. Have times changed? Find out today!

OC Online
Evercool K803-925CA
By: On: 11/14/05 - 08:00:47 PM
It is not often that the terms "CPU cooler" and "heatpipe" are not found in the same sentence but this is the case with the Evercool K803-925CA. Being more of a traditional cooler and a stock replacement, we will see how it stacks up.

OC Online
Evercool H.D.D Air Condition
By: On: 11/9/05 - 09:03:59 PM
Evercool has been around for quite a while but is new to us here at O2. Hard drives are a big target for heat these days and with noise at a premium hard drive coolers are on a lot of peoples lists. The HDAC is on mine today.

OC Online
Lexcool XC-801
By: On: 10/8/05 - 01:30:18 AM
The CPU cooling market is a very popular one and taking over that market are heat pipes to keep our CPUs running nice and cool. Lexcool is sure to be a new name to you and they make their debut here with a CPU cooler utilizing heat pipe technology.

OC Online
Asetek VapoChill Micro Showdown
By: On: 09/23/05 - 01:21:00 AM
A short while ago I reviewed the Asetek VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise CPU cooler. Today I line all three VapoChill Micro models up against each other and see who wins the race.

OC Online
Titan Serina Cooling Pad
By: On: 08/16/05 - 12:13:26 AM
Notebooks are running hotter than ever and being used as desktop replacements more and more. Titan has the perfect solution to add cooling and functionality in one beautiful package.

OC Online
VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise
By: On: 08/9/05 - 11:43:34 PM
The computer enthusiast world became a buzz with word that Asetek was going to release a CPU cooler based on the VapoChill. It is out and we have it here.

OC Online
Titan Vanessa L-Type
By: On: 08/2/05 - 07:18:52 PM's the latest and greatest fad on this planet. While many companies offer multiple small heatpipes, Titan has opted for one large heatpipe dead in the middle. Any good? Find out now!

OC Online
Thermaltake Big Typhoon
By: On: 07/29/05 - 05:49:02 PM
Thermaltake is regarded as one of the best known case and cooling companies in the world. If you want to know what sets them apart, it’s the fact the fact that high performance does not have to be loud.

OC Online
Cooler Master Blue Ice
By: On: 07/25/05 - 07:20:30 PM
Overclockers Online has been blessed with the opportunity to review a fine looking chipset cooler. Sporting a copper base and aluminum fins with a single heatpipe, we hope to see great things by the Blue Ice.

OC Online
Cooler Master Hyper 6+
By: On: 07/11/05 - 02:17:12 AM
Cooler Master offers a successor to the famous Hyper 6. The million dollar question is will the Hyper 6+ live up to its name! Learn from our experience and discover the potentials of the Hyper 6+!

OC Online
Ultra Products Ultra Fire
By: On: 06/28/05 - 10:40:49 PM
Ultra Products is back at Overclockers Online! We got the chance to check out one of their latest CPU Coolers....let me introduce the Ultra Fire.

OC Online
SilverStone NT02
By: On: 06/25/05 - 11:27:50 PM
SilverStone has always been regarded as one of the best case manufacturers on this planet, they have also recently added CPU coolers to their line up. We check out the very hot NT02!

OC Online
Spire KestrelKing VI CPU Cooler
By: On: 06/22/05 - 11:26:15 PM
Today, Overclockers Online is proud to bring you another great budget item to keep an eye out for. We will take a look at the Spire KestrelKing VI and see if it's the right budget CPU cooler for you!

OC Online
MCT Cooling Solution
By: On: 06/13/05 - 06:44:26 PM
Overclockers Online is taking a look at another non-conductive coolant solution, this time distributed from Danger Den. With a name like DD behind it, it's definitely worth a look!

OC Online
Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R120
By: On: 05/21/05 - 04:10:22 PM
Today Overclockers Online is testing out the CoolerMaster Aquagate Mini R120. I think you'll like what you see! Come check it out...

OC Online
Coolermaster CoolDrive Lite
By: On: 03/22/05 - 12:47:40 AM
Running out of room for hard drives or just looking to keep your hard drive as cool as it can be? Coolermaster has an affordable solution for all of these with the CoolDrive Lite!

OC Online
Jetart JACSH1
By: On: 03/14/05 - 12:33:48 AM
In our latest article, we look at a new VGA cooler from the people at Jetart. They claim great performance as well as low noise, and so we put those claims to the test. Read on, and see what we find...

OC Online
Asetek WaterChill KT03A-L30
By: On: 02/26/05 - 10:57:51 AM
Asetek entered the watercooling market a while ago and today Overclockers Online is taking a look at their most powerful watercooling kit: the WaterChill CPU Power kit featuring the brand new hard drive watercooler block! Check it out!

OC Online
Zalman VF700-AlCu
By: On: 02/19/05 - 10:25:38 AM
Taking a look at another VGA cooling solution from Zalman, the VF700-AlCu has a lot to offer in terms of performance and noise reduction. Overclocking was no problem for this unit...

OC Online
Fluid XP +
By: On: 02/16/05 - 08:34:20 PM
A new type of product has landed in the OverclockersOnline labs. A non-conductive supercoolant with a whole resume of amazing properties that was designed especially for watercooling your rig. Does it hold up to its resume?

OC Online
Aerocool HT101JR
By: On: 02/10/05 - 05:18:51 AM
Another CPU cooler heads our way in this latest review. Combining heat pipes, aluminum and dual fan support, this solution from Aerocool has promise. Does it deliver?

OC Online
Pentium 4 HSF Roundup
By: On: 12/24/04 - 05:59:36 AM
Today we look at three new Pentium 4 choices on the market: the Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu, SilverStone NT01, & Spire CoolWave II. Accompanying our look are updated numbers reflecting some of the previous coolers used in recent reviews.

OC Online
Danger Den Socket A TDX
By: On: 10/11/04 - 10:42:26 PM
We continue our look at water cooling equipment with one of the famous Danger Den water blocks - TDX. This is a popular block, for good reason! How's a 1 GHz overclock sound on a 2500+?

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WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica (Skt T)
By: On: 10/8/04 - 09:36:03 AM
With Intel's new socket T platform, asetek had to redesign their waterblock's cover for compatibility. In this look, we compare the performance of this new cover to that of the stock cooler Intel provides.

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Swiftech H20-120-P Water Cooling Kit
By: On: 09/27/04 - 08:23:39 PM
Water cooling made easy? It is still an involved setup, but the performance and compact design are really what make products like the H20-120 we focus on in this article stand apart.

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Poseidon WCL 02 & 03 Cu Kit
By: On: 09/4/04 - 02:09:31 AM
Jordan continues his line of suitable water coolers for his briefcase rig by looking at some products made available by 3R System. Today Overclockers Online presents the WCL-03 120Cu & 90Cu as well as the WCL-02 120Cu and 90Cu.

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Cooler Master Aquagate
By: On: 08/14/04 - 12:48:11 PM
Our collection of watercooling reviews continues to grow with no end in sight. Today, Jordan gives you a very detailed look at the Aquagate and you'll be pleased with this results.

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Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400
By: On: 08/12/04 - 03:36:01 AM
Waffer Technologies presents us with a unique take on system-wide cooling that may have many curious as to it's effectiveness. How much cooler can this device take your system temps? Read on to find out...

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Zalman Reserator 1
By: On: 08/1/04 - 12:30:11 PM
Fans in your computer gotten on your nerves? Zalman hopes to remedy your problem with the Reserator 1 watercooling system. Tested under overclocked conditions, we see how well this passive solution is able to hold up. Read on...

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Zalman ZM80D-HP GPU Cooler
By: On: 07/17/04 - 07:09:25 AM
Silent and high performance? Who would have thought they could coexist on todays GPUs. Zalman shows us just how far a good design can go with their ZM80D-HP heatsink and ZM-OP1 fan.

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Thermaltake Polo 735
By: On: 06/18/04 - 01:35:58 PM
With the increase in heat output from overclocked processors, it is imperative for end users to install adequate cooling in their systems. Today, we look at the Thermaltake Polo 735 and see how it stacks up to other forms of cooling.

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asetek KT03A-L30 Antarctica Cooling Kit
By: On: 06/11/04 - 02:18:15 PM
asetek is not the biggest company in the cooling scene, but their entrance has caused quite a splash within the community. They are one company not to overlook.

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Nexus PHT-3600
By: On: 10/1/03 - 09:41:16 AM
Looking for a quiet aircooled heatsink? Still want decent performance? Don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get it? QuietPC has sent us their latest quiet heatsink and O² takes it for a spin!

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Compressor Water Cooling
By: On: 03/26/03 - 12:28:20 AM
Water coolers can do more than what they claim. First I used ice in my reservoir without a radiator, pumping it directly to my CPU. This proved very fruitful and that's when I decided to try and build a compressor based water cooling system ...

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LED Fans
By: On: 12/29/02 - 04:14:28 PM
Fans are commonly used in computer systems, but most of the time we encouter those boring, ugly plain black fans. Luckily, there is a new fan in town: the LED fan. O² took two LED fans from the pile and checks them out ...

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Zalman CNPS 6500B-Cu
By: On: 12/24/02 - 04:06:34 PM
It has been a while, but today O² is back with another CPU cooler review for you all to enjoy. This time, we torture the 6500B-Cu, a copper cooler for the Pentium4 CPU which is manufactured by the peeps from Zalman. Let's check it out ...

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Thermalright SLK-600/800 & CB-7
By: On: 10/28/02 - 09:35:07 PM
Thermalright is a well-known heatsink manufacturer, and today Overclockers Online it torturing their SLK-600, SLK-800 and CB-7 heatsink. Each of them is targeted towards a different audience and performs accordingly!

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Swiftech MCX4000 VS Alpha 8942
By: On: 08/26/02 - 10:07:15 PM
With the P4 being a great overclocker, people are in the market for a good heatsink. Swiftech and Alpha are considered as some of the best heatsink manufacturers out there, so O² puts both of them in the ring ... Fight!

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Antec SmartCools
By: On: 07/30/02 - 06:18:44 PM
Antec is famous for their great computer cases, but today O² is reviewing another Antec product: SmartCools. These fans are thermally controlled, meaning their rotating speed is determined by the temperature.

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Swiftech Q Power Bare Bone System
By: On: 07/23/02 - 05:52:33 PM
Swiftech, a popular manufacturer of heatsinks and watercooling gear, has released a watercooled bare bone system: the Q Power. Overclockers Online takes a closer look at this cooling madness ...

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Thermaltake HardCano 2 & 5
By: On: 05/7/02 - 12:03:16 AM
More and more accessories for your case come available every day. Today, we're going to have a look at some pretty fancy stuff from Thermaltake, the HardCano 2 and 5. Wondering what these Hardcanos could do for you and your precious hardware? Well come on in and find out then ...

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Vantec Stealth Fans
By: On: 04/9/02 - 10:52:44 PM
Case cooling is very important, but most of the time people ignore it because they don't like the additional noise that comes with it. Today I present you the Vantec Stealth Fan, a new kind of fan that increases cooling without increasing the noise!

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Placing The Pennies: My VOS-32
By: On: 03/17/02 - 06:01:37 AM
The road has been long and hard with my Globalwin VOS32. Oh yes. But the heatsink and I have made our peace. Come, join me my brothers in this glorious celebration!

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Thermalright AX-7 Heatsink
By: On: 02/26/02 - 10:43:38 PM
There is a new kid on the block and it goes by the name AX-7. Will this new air cooled heatsink be able to kick the MCX462A of its thrown? Read the review and find out!

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Socket A HSF Roundup 01/2002
By: On: 01/30/02 - 12:51:26 PM
Finding the perfect cooler for your CPU isn't always an easy task. Especially with such a huge amount of heatsinks on the market these days. Overclockers Online helps you with your quest for the perfect heatsink ...

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Dr.Thermal TI-V77 Heatsink
By: On: 01/14/02 - 11:20:20 PM
Another day, another heatsink review here at O². Today, we're looking at the Dr. Thermal TI-V77 heatsink from Thermal Integration. When I look at this heatsink, I always get the feeling that I've seen it before! Don't you? Let's check this out a bit closer ...

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AVGS Ice Hole Fan Adapter
By: On: 11/26/01 - 12:58:32 AM
Today, we're going to have a look at a piece of hardware from AVGS-Technology, the Ice Hole. It's a weird name for a cool-looking fan adapter featuring a unique 15mm acrylic plastic, fan speed regulator and LED lightning! Come on in and find out more ...

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Brown Int. V8 Heatsink
By: On: 10/29/01 - 02:28:02 PM
Weird looking heatsinks ... Do you really believe you've seen all of them? Think again folks, because here comes the V8 heatsink. It's not an engine of some kind, but a brandnew heatsink from Brown Int. Let's take this one for a testdrive ...

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Z4 Waterblock
By: On: 10/17/01 - 09:03:09 PM
A high-end waterblock has arrived people! It goes by the name "Z4", it's made by one of the big guys when it comes to watercooling and the performance is ... well you'll find out soon enough!

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Fortis A101 & A102 Heatsinks
By: On: 09/18/01 - 12:31:50 AM
We've looked at lots of heatsinks lately here @ O². These were all very well-known HSF combos from Swiftech, Vantec, Thermaltake, etc. But what about the new kids on the block? Well, today we check out the Fortis A101 and A102 heatsinks and see how they stack up ...

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Swiftech MCX370-0A Heatsink
By: On: 09/7/01 - 03:26:55 PM
Swiftech heatsinks are known to be very expensive, but excellent heatsinks. I guess everybody has to agree with that statement. The same story goes for the 'new' MCX370-0A, the successor of the MC370-0A. Does this MCX370-0A give you high performance cooling power for your $$$? Let's find out ...

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SocketA Cooler Shootout August 2001
By: On: 08/4/01 - 09:47:21 AM
Since our previous cooler roundup in May, a lot has changed on the cooler market. We've seen some interesting and promising new contenders in the great cooler battle. The quest for the perfect heatsink continues here @ O². Read on ...

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Zalman CNPS Coolers
By: On: 06/7/01 - 11:45:10 PM
Looking for the proper heatsink to cool down your CPU and you don't want your rig to sound like a jetplane? Well, then the Zalman CNPS heatsinks might just be the kind of cooling you are looking for ...

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Swiftech MC462A Heatsink
By: On: 06/4/01 - 09:07:39 PM
The MC462A is one of the biggest heatsinks out there, featuring a high end 53CFM 80mm fan, 269 metal pins and a copper base. We installed this high end heatsink made by Swiftech on a TBird and threw everything we got at it! How did it perform? Lets find out!

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Socket A Cooler Shootout May 2001
By: On: 05/5/01 - 10:07:13 AM
If you're still looking for the right heatsink to cool down that highly overclocked Socket A CPU, then you should definitely consider reading our May 2001 Socket A cooler shootout. Some interesting new contenders have entered the arena! Read on ...

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Reactor Waterblock
By: On: 05/1/01 - 01:16:21 PM
Some time ago, we reviewed the Overclockers Hideout Blizzard watercooler and our conclusion was that watercooling simply rulez! Today OCH has designed a new and even more powerful waterblock and that is what we are reviewing today. If you want maximum cooling, this is what you need.

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Blizzard Watercooler Kit
By: On: 04/17/01 - 11:21:47 PM
Watercooling ... Water cools a lot better than air, we all know that. So why don't we put the water to a good use in our highly overclocked rigs? Overclockers Hideout answered to our prays and constructed a fully featured watercooler which we reviewed ... Check it out!

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2CoolPC TURBO System Cooler
By: On: 03/20/01 - 01:01:49 AM
Lockups! BSODs! Random crashes! If you experience these problems, then your system is probably overheating. Well, 2CoolPC brings you a possible solution, the new and improved 2CoolPC Turbo. Read on...

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ThermalTake Cooler Roundup
By: On: 02/24/01 - 11:24:58 AM
Today we have some of the latest and 'probably' most popular Thermaltake coolers on the market, the Super Orb, the new Mini Super Orb and the Volcano II. Will the Mini Super Orb kick its big brother? And what can the Volcano do for us? Read on ...

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CORE Heatsink Preview
By: On: 02/15/01 - 08:28:46 AM
Today we look at a new heatsink that has or soon will hit the market. This cooling monster is called "CORE", it is being made by CPU F/X, it's twice as big as a Super Orb and it has a Delta fan ... Need to say more?

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Socket A Cooler Roundup
By: On: 02/14/01 - 04:20:24 PM
Looking for a good heatsink to cool down that highly overclocked Socket A? Well then, come on in and read our Socket A Cooler Roundup! Always bare in mind that what looks good, doesn't always perform good ...

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Alpha PEP66T Heatsink
By: On: 01/12/01 - 01:07:05 AM
Last week, we had the Alpha PAL6035 heatsink on our testbed and now we're taking a closer look at another Alpha heatsink, the PEP66T. Can it keep your highly overclocked CPU cool? Let's check it out...

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JustCooler HD-100 & HD-600
By: On: 01/5/01 - 01:57:41 PM
Hard drive cooling... Who has ever thought about installing this? I guess there aren't many of you guys who can give "me" for an answer. That's why we decided to test some hard drive coolers from JustCooler. Read on...

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Alpha PAL6035 Heatsink
By: On: 01/4/01 - 01:20:09 PM
Are you looking for a good heatsink to cool that highly overclocked Duron or Pentium III? Then Alpha has a solution to your problem! The new PAL6035 fits both AMD and Intel cpu's and Overclockers Online torture tested it for your reading pleasure.

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Blue Orb Cooler
By: On: 12/30/00 - 08:09:50 PM
Thermaltake new chipset cooler has landed in our testlab and of course Overclockers Online had to test it on one of our Geforce GTS videocards! Wondering what it could do for us or just looking for a nice guide on how to install the Blue Orb? This is it ... read on and find answers to all your questions.

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GlobalWin CAF12 & CBF32
By: On: 12/29/00 - 01:35:06 AM
With cardcooling solutions becoming more and more polular every day, we decided to have a look at GlobalWIN's CAF12 & CBF32. Follow the link to read the entire review...

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Battle Of The Orbs!
By: On: 12/11/00 - 10:18:36 PM
Does a CPU get excited with such sexy-looking Orbs on its core? Does it get all hot & wet by just feeling the Orbs's TIMs touch its core? Do the Orbs keep the CPU temperature under control? Come on in & see for yourselves...

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Video Memory Sinks
By: On: 11/16/00 - 07:53:57 PM
OK .. It may sound a bit stupid to put cooling onto your videocard's memory banks at first, but after all; don't we all want to drain the last FPS out of our videocard? By using these memory sinks & overclocking your videocard memory, you are able to do so ...

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Globalwin I-Storm II hdd cooler
By: On: 11/11/00 - 10:45:19 AM
We take a look at one of the finest hard drive coolers available today. Will it be able to cool down a hot SCSI drive? Read the review to find out and get to know this great cooler.

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The Card Cooler XT
By: On: 10/24/00 - 07:24:48 PM
The Card Cooler XT is the new system cooler from the makers of the original Card Cooler. This beast cools down all your components ... so let's see how good it really is shall we?

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The 2CoolPC
By: On: 10/15/00 - 07:23:51 PM
The 2CoolPC : multifunctional PC cooling! Don't laugh at this silly looking thing! As some people claim, this masterpiece is one of the best inventions of the 21st century! Let's check it out ...

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Globalwin VOS32 SECC2 Cooler
By: On: 09/19/00 - 01:14:29 AM
I will tame this beast if it's the last thing I do! Read about my initial attempts and thoughts about this monstrous cooler.

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